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What is security fencing for?

Security fences can be used in a commercial or residential setting to help protect your valuable assets and property from crime. Security fences are heavy-duty, tough, and extremely durable.

How high should a security fence be?

It depends on what you need the fence for. An external boundary fence to keep people out of your property should be no lower than 1.8 m.

Can I install metal fence panels on my property?

Yes, you can install security fencing on your property, although you may require planning permission if your fence is more than two metres in height, or one metre in height where it adjoins a road or footpath.

Can I hide CCTV behind fences?

Yes, this may be an effective way to hide CCTV camera from view and offer an extra layer of security to your property. It is important, however, to ensure that the CCTV camera is not obstructed by fence panels.