Freestanding Dog Barrier

Flexipanel style freestanding dog barrier kits. Suitable for your yard, as temporary fencing or even a gate. Portable dog pen kits and lighter plastic options available. 

  Versatile use 
  Weather proof, durable & sturdy
  Easy to install, fold up and put away

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Conforms to  Explanation
BS EN 10244 – 2:2009 Inner wires are Galfan Coated (95% Zinc / 5% Aluminium) in accordance with BS EN 10244 – 2:2009 (Class A).
BS EN 10245 – 1:2011 and BS EN 10245 – 2:2011 Inner wires are coated with organic polymer powder coating (grey) which complies with BS EN 10245 – 1:2011 and BS EN 10245 – 2:2011.
BS EN 10218 – 2:2012 All wires used in the manufacturing process have a tensile strength between 540 – 770 N/mm², as specified in BS EN 10218 – 2:2012.


Pack Includes

Items  Included?
Mesh panels
Spiral panel connectors
Extra spiral panel connector (to use as modular extension)
Fixings to wall / wood / other fencing


Recommended Applications & Uses

Residential applications  
Industrial applications  
Dog shelters
Animal proofing  
Dog proof
Dog deterrent
Very small dogs (chihuahuas, yorkies etc.)
Energetic dogs (keen to jump, dig or paw)


Assembly Instructions

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Preparation


Unpack the barrier kit and count all of the parts.

You should have the same number of panel connectors and panels.

Step 2 – Connect panels


Connect the panels by twisting the connectors down the joints.

Step 3 – Connect all joints


Repeat Step 2 to connect all joints.

Step 4 – Fold down wires 


To make the structure safer for your furry friend(s), fold down the top of the spiral connector so that no pointy wires are poking out of the top of the fence.

Step 5 – Adjust length


The panels can now be readjusted to be freestanding. 1m length of foldable fence can be achieved by:

  • placing two 97.5cm wide panels at an approximate angle of 45 degrees; or
  • placing four 45cm wide panels at an approximate angle of 22.5 degrees

NOTE: Smaller or bigger angles can be used as long as the barrier is freestanding, and depending on the area you’d need to fence in.

Step 6 – You’re done!


You can let your canine out and watch them enjoy their freedom safely from behind the free standing dog barrier. 😀


Use as extension

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With the extra helical connector, you can attach one kit to another to create custom lengths of free standing barriers with ease.

NOTE: You can use the same technique to attach the kits to most types of wire mesh fencing as well.


Use as fencing


These kits are also suitable to be used as easy-to-install regular fences, but for this, it would be necessary to attach them at both ends.

How to attach to different materials:

  • Concrete and brick: Anchors with screws and clamping plates
  • Wood: Staples
  • Metal: Screws and clamping plates or cable ties
  • Posts: Cable ties or wire clips


Reuse as required

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You can use this kit as a temporary barrier and fold it up whenever it’s not required.

You can even take it camping with you and create a portable enclosure in case your canine is not very keen on escaping.

Example installation of a similar temporary pen can be found here.

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