Mesh Comparison Tables

The table below outlines the performance or the mesh materials that we stock. They are simply graded as follows;


Click on the ‘i’ icon on the column headings to reveal information about the property that the mesh is being graded on.

Material iCorrosion Resistant iFlexibility iStrength iResilience and Toughness iAbrasion Resistance iImpact Resistant



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Corrosion resistant

How well an object, generally made from metal, can resist damage caused by oxidization and other chemical reactions which can cause rust and disintegration.



The ability of an object to bend easily without breaking or damaging.



The ability of an object to resist a great deal of pressure or force.


Resilience and toughness

An object’s ability to retake its shape following damage, and to withstand damage over a long period.


Abrasion resistance

The ability of an object or substance to resist surface wear caused by friction, rubbing, or contact with other objects.


Impact resistant

The ability of an object or material to withstand a large amount of force applied quickly over a short time period.