Pig Wire Fencing

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    What is pig fencing?

    Also known as hog fencing, these products are specifically designed to keep pigs, who are good at escaping from other types of fence or wire. They have a wood panelled base and supports to increase durability and strength against any attempts to escape.

    How do I fence in a pig?

    Pigs are infamously adept at escape from fencing. Be sure to use our high quality, electrified pig wire which is designed to keep your pigs safe and secure.

    How do I erect pig fencing?

    All of our products come with instructions for erecting them. Be sure to consult and follow these carefully to get the most from your fencing, and to ensure it does its job.

    Do pigs dig under fences?

    Yes. They are extremely good at finding ways to escape from fencing. We recommending using our range of chicken wire to line the ground of a pen, or atleast the ground under the fence itself, to make digging difficult.

    What other applications do pig wire fences and nets have?

    They are most useful for their designation purpose, that is penning in pigs, but they can be used for the general keeping of other animals too.


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