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Fox Proof Fencing

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How can I fox proof my garden?

Using our high quality fox proof products, you can keep these animals and out of your garden. Make sure to consult the instructions that come with your order to keep these predators off your land.

Can foxes dig under fencing?

Yes. Foxes are extremely adept at digging under fences. We recommend lining the ground around fencing with welded mesh, which are tough and hard for urban predators to chew through.

Can foxes jump fencing?

Foxes can jump over 3 feet, and can scramble over a 6 foot fence. Fox proof fencing is designed to be too tall to jump, and are difficult to climb.

How tough and sturdy is fox proof fencing?

These products are very tough. Foxes can chew through extraordinary strong items, even including chicken wire. Our fox fencing is made from welded mesh and is designed to make it difficult to damage.

How do fox proof fences differ from chicken wire?

Chicken wire can be easily chewed through and damaged by a fox, whereas the welded mesh of these products provide extra strength and security.


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