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Welded Wire Mesh Rolls

welded-wire-meshWelded wire mesh with a galvanised finish for garden and perimeter fencing, security and pet enclosures. Each wire joint is welded into square holes, increasing the product’s strength in contrast to woven meshes with hexagonal gaps.

Key info:

  • Galvanised steel, resistant to rust and elements
  • Welded joints for added strength
  • Delivered as a roll and easily
  • Square holes, offering a firmer structure
  • Lightweight, ideal for transportation


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Product Technical Details

Material: Steel
Finish: Galvanised
Length: 6m
Width: 0.9m
Hole size: 25x13mm or 25x 25mm
Colour: Green


What is galvanised steel?
Galvanisation is a process where the steel is dipped in a coat of zinc. This increases the metal’s durability to elements, making it ideal for outdoor use. It also provides a smoother finish meaning it will be safer for animals.

Would I be able to cut this with scissors?
No. Weld mesh rolls are designed to be stronger and more rigid than other wire netting and would require something more substantial to cut. Popular choices for this are wire cutters or pliers.

How flexible is the product?
This product is moderately flexible. The square shaped gaps of the product are welded at each joint to add strength, however, this does mean that the product loses some of its flexibility. If you are looking for a product that can be more easily molded around animal coops or unusual shapes we would recommend a softer galvanised chicken wire.

What is the best way to use this product as a security fence?
This depends on how permanent a fixture you want the fence to be. The ideal method would be to dig generous holes in the ground in which you’d stand a series of fence posts. Using a cement mix, fill the hole around the base of the post and use a spirit level to ensure they are straight before setting. From here, unravel the mesh and attach to the post by bending wire fencing clips with pliers or using a heavy-duty staple gun. Due to the product’s length and rigidity, you might benefit from the help of a friend or co-worker when constructing the fence.

Is this product suitable for rabbit runs and chicken coops?
Yes, you can use this product for rabbit runs and chicken coops, but bare in mind that shaping it might prove tricky in comparison to PVC coated or galvanised chicken wire.

Can I use this mesh to protect my animals from predators?
No. We would not recommend using this product to protect animals from predators as the gaps are too large. This fence is more likely to deter larger animals or even people. For smaller predators such as foxes we recommend hardware cloth, which has much smaller gaps.

What would you recommend I attach this to in order to make a fence?
Again, this depends on how permanent you want the fence to be. Metal fence posts, set in concrete, will offer the best support for your welded mesh but are more difficult to set up. Wooden posts, while less sturdy, are easier to plant and attach the welded mesh to (using staples).

Common uses

  • Garden fencing and perimeters
  • Security cages
  • Dog fencing
  • Animal enclosures
  • Rabbit runs
  • Anti-slip surfacing
  • Used by sculptures


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