Dog Fence

Sturdy mesh fencing suitable for building dog runs, enclosures, pens, and dog boundary fences. Cost-effective fencing for large areas available as well as British Kennel Standard dog fences.

Product Information

Wire Mesh Overview

Suitable for… Mesh Type Material Construction & Appearance Wire Thickness Available Sizes
Small & Medium Dogs 50mm x 50mm PRIME Welded Wire Mesh Pre-galvanised steel · Square apertures
· 50mm x 50mm hole size
· Strong weld points
· Smooth, uniform finish
· Metallic gray
14g / 2mm wire thickness · H1m x L25m
· H1.2m x L25m
· H1.5m x L12.5m
· H1.5m x L25m
Large & Strong Dogs 50mm x 50mm Galvanised Chain Link Fence Galvanised steel · Diamond shaped apertures
· 50mm x 50mm hole size
· Metallic gray
· Lasts up to 10 years
10g / 3mm wire thickness · H1.2m x L25m
· H1.8m x L25m


Attach to: With:
Metal Posts Cable Ties, Line Wire
Wooden Posts Staples, Cable Ties
Fence Cable Ties, Line Wire
Line Wire Cable Ties, Hog Rings
Ground Pegs


Property Description
Not suitable for…

Common Uses

  • Dog runs
  • Dog proofing yard & garden
  • Enclosures & kennels
  • Fox proofing
  • Fencing & security applications



How do I know which type to choose?

Take into account the size and strength of your pet to determine the wire thickness and fence height needed to keep them contained.

How do I make sure the dog run I created is escape proof?

Pay attention to factors such as the energy level of your dog and its ability to jump, dig under the fence or push through it. Line the ground with extra mesh to prevent digging, create an overhang to prevent jumping or strengthen the bottom of the fence with wire netting to prevent forcing through it.

What type of post should I use?

You can use metal posts or timber ones, just make sure they’re securely set in the ground, either concreted or hammered deep enough to be steady.

How can I shape this mesh?

You will be able to shape it by hand, but make sure to wear protective gloves. The material is fairly rigid and strong so be extra careful when handling it.