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Installation Instructions


  • With T Posts

  • With Extra Security

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Mark Area

T post step 1 - mark area


Mark a straight line for the fence between the two posts at each end.

Step 2 – Measure Post Distance

T post step 2 - welded wire


Use a tape measure to indicate the post locations 2 -3m apart.


To enhance stability, shorten the distance between your fence posts.

Step 3 – Install End Posts

T post step 3 - end posts


Drive the end posts 50cm into the ground by using a post driver or mallet.


Ensure that the holes of the posts face each other to maintain consistent alignment.

Step 4 – Check for Same Height

T post step 4 - same height


Fasten a piece of string between the end posts, then check that they have been installed at the same height by using a tape measure.

Step 5 – Check for Straightness

T post step 5 - straightness


Employ a spirit level to ensure that the posts have been installed perfectly straight.

Step 6 – Set in Concrete (Optional)

T post step 6 - concrete


To achieve a stronger and more secure fence, set your posts in concrete by digging a 50cm hole and pouring cement for the post to rest in.

Step 7 – Install Middle Posts

T post step 7 - middle posts


To install middle posts, replicate steps 3-5.



Ensure that the posts are facing in the same direction and are installed both straight and at the same height.



You can also secure the middle posts with concrete for added strength.

Step 8 – Install Tension Wire (Optional)

T post step 8 - tensioning wire


When working with light weight mesh, you may want to attach a tension wire between the end posts to prevent any sagging.



Wrap the tension wire around the hole of the end posts and secure it by twisting the wire’s end with a plier.

Step 9 – Secure Mesh to End Post

T post step 9 - mesh


Secure the mesh to the end post by using cable ties, which can be threaded through the pre-drilled holes in the post.



You can add more cable ties by enclosing the entire post.

Step 10 – Pull Taut

T post step 10 - pull


Pull the mesh taut and then secure it to the second post using cable ties. Make sure not to pull too tightly.


Repeat this process until you reach the end post.

Step 11 – Secure to Tension Wire (Optional)

T post step 11


If you’ve set up a tension wire, secure the mesh to it using cable ties, spacing them approximately 30-45 cm apart.




Attach to: How to:
Wooden Posts


Metal Posts

(Cable ties)



Wire Fence

(Cable ties)



How do I set up a poultry fence?

These products are very simple to set up when you know how. All of our fences come with full instructions to guide you through the process. Be sure to read these to provide your poultry with the maximum level of protection.

Are poultry fences electrified?

Yes they are. This gives your poultry an extra level of protection from common predators like foxes, as well as preventing them from escaping and running away.

How tall are bird nets and fences?

We have a range of products which come in a variety of lengths, widths, and heights, ensuring you can get the fence that is right to keep your birds out of harm’s way.

Can nets and fences for birds be used to keep out rabbits?

Our fences and nets, although designed to protect poultry, can provide a good level of protection from any animals attempting to get into the fenced area.

How can I prevent foxes from digging under a fence?

We recommend checking out our range of welded mesh, which can be used to line the ground, making it difficult to dig. This can line a coop, enclosure, or other space to prevent any animal tunnelling in or out. Foxes can chew through chicken wire, so this is not strong enough to do the job.