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ISO certified geotextile suited to lining the back of gabion walls.  Prevents clogging up of earth whilst allowing water to pass through

  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards
  • Approved for retaining wall construction
  • Just £1.10 per meter


Full product details

Manufacturing Standards

Properties ISO Standard Unit Value
Tensile Strength (MD) EN ISO 10319 kN/m 8.00
Tensile Strength (CMD) EN ISO 10319 kN/m 8.00
Elongation at max. load (MD) EN ISO 10319 % 90
Elongation at max. load (CMD) EN ISO 10319 % 65
Puncture resistance (CBR) EN ISO 102236 N 1500
Dynamic puncture resistance
(cone drop hole – Ø)
EN ISO 13433 mm 26
Water permeability vertical (ViH50) EN ISO 11058 I/m²s 130
Opening Size EN ISO 11058 mm 0.12
Thickness EN ISO 9863-1 mm 0.8
Mass EN ISO 9864 g/m2 105




Diagram Explanation
Simply lay the geotextile onto the back of the gabion then cover with earth.

Use rocks to hold the geotextile in place whilst backfilling.


How it Works

Diagram Explanation
Geotextile will prevent clogging and allow water to get through a gabion wall.

This will ensure pressure building up and maintain a safer wall installation.