Galvanised Mesh Panels

Long-lasting galvanised mesh panels used for garden and animal fencing through to concrete reinforcement and railing infills.

Sold in packs of 5 to avoid damage during transit

  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards.
  • Available up to 6ft high
  • Starting from £4.99

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Installation Instructions

The following instructions show how to install a wire panel fence using T Posts.

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Mark Area

T post step 1 - mark area

Mark a straight line for the fence between the two end posts.

Step 2 – Measure Distance

T post step 2 - panel

Use panels to measure the distance between the posts.

Step 3 – Install End Posts

T post step 3 - end posts

Drive the end posts 50cm into the ground using a post driver or mallet.



Ensure the posts face in the same direction.

Step 4 – Check for Same Height

T post step 4 - same height

Secure a string between the end posts, then check their installation height with a tape measure.

Step 5 – Check for Straightness

T post step 5 - straightness

Use a spirit level to confirm that the posts have been installed perfectly straight.

Step 6 (Optional) – Set in Concrete

T post step 6 - concrete

To achieve a stronger and more secure fence, place your posts in concrete by digging a 50cm hole and pouring cement into it for your post to sit in.

Step 7 – Install Middle Posts

T post step 7 - middle posts

To install middle posts, repeat steps 3-5.


Be sure to verify that the posts are oriented in the same direction and are being installed both straight and at the same height.


If you desire an even stronger fence, you can also use concrete to secure the middle posts.

Step 8 – Attach Panels

T post step 8- panels

Begin at the end post and fasten the mesh to it using cable ties, which can be threaded through the pre-drilled holes in the post.



You can add additional cable ties by enclosing the entire post.

Alternative Option

T post - panels alternative

Increase the spacing between the posts by overlapping the panels. Connect the panels by securi



Attach to: How to:
Wooden Posts


Metal Posts

(Cable ties)

Concrete Posts

(Tensioning wire,
Eye bolts



Wire Fence

(Cable ties)