Wire Fence Staples

U shaped galvanised fence staples used to fix wire mesh fencing, chicken wire, straining wire, netting and stock fencing to wooden posts.  

The larger the wire staple the greater the hold will be.

Suggested applications

  • 15mm – 20mm for lightweight mesh and chicken wire
  • 25mm – 30mm for medium to heavy mesh and stock fencing

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Installation Instructions


To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Position the Staples



Choose the location on the wooden posts where you want to attach the staples. If you’re using the staples to secure wire or fencing, ensure they are evenly spaced and at the appropriate height.

Step 2 – Start Hammering



Hold the hammer with your other hand and position it directly above the staple. Ensure you aim for the center of the staple when hammering.

Step 3 – Check the Staple



After hammering, inspect the staple to ensure it’s securely attached to the wooden post. If it’s loose or not fully driven in, use the hammer to make necessary adjustments.