Gabions Sea Defence

Gabions sea defence solutions – used in coastal protection schemes, sea walls, revetments, erosion control.

Key info:

  • Corrosion resistant – BS EN 10244-2: 2009 (Class A)
  • Suitable for C4 to C5 environments
  • Starting from £12.99


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Product Information: Gabions Sea Defence 

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MaterialGalfan coated steel wire
ConstructionElectrically welded at each intersection into bi-axial square mesh
FinishOption 1- Galfan Coated Steel: 95% Zinc / 5% Al; Option 2- with additional PVC organic polymer powder coating 
AppearanceUniform, rigid squares. Option 1- bright metallic surface; Option 2- Grey Powder Coated surface
Mesh Size75mm x 75mm (3″ x 3″) square mesh
Wire DiameterGalfan coated: 4mm & 5mm; PVC coated: 2.7mm / 3.2mm with PVC coating
Tensile StrengthRange: 540 to 770N/mm2
Weld Strength75% of min. ultimate tensile strength of the wire
Corrosion ResistanceGalfan coated: 95% Zinc / 5% Aluminium finish (BS EN 10244-2:2009 (Class A). PVC coated has additional nominal 0.25mm organic polymer powder coating in grey (BS EN 10245-1:2011)
Life ExpectancyUp to 50 yrs / PVC up to: 120 years (in C2 mild, low corrosion environments 
HandlingComes flat packed with gabion clips & tying wire for easy assembly. Lightweight
Tying Wire2.2mm dia (2.7mm incl. powder coating). Tensile strength: 350 to 500N/mm
Manufactured to:BS EN 10223-8:2013

Environmental Site Categorisation  

C2 – LOWLow level of pollution, mostly rural areas
C3 – MEDIUMMost rural & urban areas with low level sulphur dioxide, acid, alkali & salt pollution
C4 – HIGHUrban & industrial areas with moderate sulphur dioxide pollution &/or coastal areas with low salinity
C5 – VERY HIGHIndustrial areas with high humidity & aggressive atmospheres; Coastal & offshore areas with high salinity

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