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Metal & Plastic Fencing Supplies

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How much concrete do you need for a chain link fence post?

For an average size post, you will need around 150mm of concrete.

How deep do fence posts need to be buried?

This depends on how tall the fence post will be above ground. As a rule of thumb, one third of the fence post should be buried underground. For a one metre fence, you will need a 1.5 metre fence post.

Can cats climb chain link fence?

Yes, cats are excellent climbers, and are more than capable of climbing over chain link fencing!

Is there a height restriction for fencing?

Any wall or fence surrounding your property can be a maximum of 2 metres in height, except where it adjoins a road or footpath, where the restriction is 1 metre. You will need to apply for planning permission for fences that exceed this height.

How do I install mesh or chain link fencing?

Start by installing an anchor post every 50 metres or where there is a change of direction, with intermediate posts in between every 2-3 metres. Wrap and secure the mesh fencing to the first anchor post, and unravel, attaching the mesh to each fence post, before wrapping around the final anchor post. Check the mesh fencing is attached properly to each post with battens or u-nails.


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