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Wire Mesh & Wire Netting

Over 1,000 wire mesh and netting products stocked at any time. Bulk discounts available. 


Multi Purchase / Trade Discount

We offer discounts to anyone purchasing multiple items.  The website automatically calculates the discount during checkout for you.

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GalvanisedPVC CoatedStainless Steel
Delivered asAvailable as roll or panel
Can be cutYes – with a good wire cutter
Made in EuropeYes – High quality European manufactured options are available and clearly marked on the products 
Conforms toBSEN Standards
Chinese optionsYes – cheaper options are available
Approx lifespan in non-aggressive environments20+ Years10+ years30+ years
Corrosion ResistanceGoodGoodVery Good
AvoidScratching the surface too deepPiercing PVC coating Chlorine


Popular Applications

Mesh netting products have a huge amount of applications. There are simply too many to cover but we have outlined a few of the popular uses below.

If you are unsure which mesh you need please get in contact –

TypePopular Uses
Stainless Steel MeshAutomotive / Food & Catering / Architecture / Pharmaceutical / Healthcare
Galvanised Weld MeshPerimeter Fencing / Pet Cages / Demarcation / Agriculture / Gardening
Galvanised Chicken WireChicken coops / Fruit Cages / DIY / Gardening / Plant Climbing / Trellis / Crafts


What is Wire Mesh?

A series of horizontal and vertical wires welded together at exact intervals to make a mesh with precise hole sizes. Extremely versatile product used by agriculture through to automotive industry. Available in galvanised or stainless steel

What is Wire Netting?

Made up of thinner wires when compared to wire mesh. The wires are twisted around each other to construct flexible metal netting with hexagonal holes often used in gardening and animal pen applications. Available in galvanised or stainless steel.