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Wire Mesh & Wire Netting

High-grade wire netting and wire mesh available in galvanised steel, hot dip galvanised steel and PVC finish, in a range of sizes, lengths and wire thickness. Rust and corrosion resistant.


Multi-purpose solution for domestic and commercial applications including farming, forestry, gardening and DIY. 

Commonly used for animal pens and runs, supporting plants, tree guards, flood control, concrete reinforcement and as the base frame for sculptures.

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What strength netting should I choose?
The thickness (or gauge) of your wire should be chosen based on the job at hand. For plant protection a thinner (higher gauge) should be adequate. To deter foxes, a stronger, thicker wire (lower gauge) is recommended.

Can squirrels chew through wire mesh?

Squirrels can chew through certain types of wire mesh and netting, so if you want to keep them out it’s wise to choose a thick gauge wire that they won’t be able to chew through.

How can I cut wire mesh fencing?

Using mesh cutters and wire cutting pliers.

How do I flatten wire mesh?

When delivered in rolls you may want to flatten out your mesh before using it. You need to bend the mesh the opposite way it was rolled to straighten it out. It’s also wise to unroll your fencing gradually, staking it down or fastening it to posts as you go, so that it remains taught and as straight as possible.

How do I attach wire mesh to wood?

You can use a heavy duty stapler, and/or screws with washers to hold the wire down securely.



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