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How do I fix to a vent?

Use a staple gun to fix the mesh or netting to the wooden vent surround.  If the surround is plastic then you may need to unscrew it, place the metal sheet over the screw holes then screw the surround back into place.

What size wire mesh do you stock?

We have all heights available from 30cm up to 2.4m high.  You can find the height that you are looking for by going to our height selection category.  The hole sizes range from 6mm x 6mm through to 50mm x 50mm.  On each of the category pages, you will be able to filter for hole size, height, length and anything else that will help you find the exact product that you need.

How do I cut it?

There are various tools available that can be used to cut wire mesh or netting.   The best tool for the job will generally depend on the thickness or gauge and the finish required ie do you need to avoid sharp edges

  • Wire cutters: good for thin 1mm or less.  Often used by DIYers and hobbyists
  • Hacksaw: good for thick diameters but usually leaves sharp edges
  • Bolt cutters: available in a variety of sizes to cut small to large diameters
  • Angle grinder: will cut all diameters and leaves a smoother edge


Can I use this type of mesh or netting to cover a drain?

Yes, the most popular hole size is 6mm x 6mm.  This is the smallest hole size available.  It allows water to flow through and catches small or large debris that would otherwise flow into the drain. 

Can I put it in a fish tank?

You will need stainless steel mesh if you plan to submerge into a fish take or other types of water.  Materials other than stainless steel or specialised PVC coated will rust if exposed to water for long periods of time.