Wooden & Metal Fixing Pegs

In order to help you perfect, secure, and enhance your outdoor projects, we stock a range of fixing pegs. These products help fix things like netting, outdoor mesh, tarpaulin, and tents in place, preventing them being pulled away by the wind, wildlife, or by someone moving over it or near it. These pegs will help you to ensure your mesh, netting, or fencing does its job securely, and for a long period of time.

Our fixing pegs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in a range of duties, allowing you to get the right one to keep your mesh and netting secure and in place. They are also available in wood and metal, giving you a stylistic, and practical choice, about the material that best fits your garden, and meets you needs. All of our wooden and metal fixing pegs are of a high quality and available at great prices, so order the perfect fixing pegs online today, or get in touch for extra information.

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Installation Instructions


To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Position the Pegs



Choose the locations for the pegs and position them accordingly. Ensure they are evenly spaced and aligned, especially if you’re installing multiple pegs.

Step 2 – Start Hammering



Begin striking the top of the peg with the hammer. Direct your aim towards the center of the peg to distribute force evenly. Start with light taps to get the peg started into the ground.

Step 3 – Check the Pegs



Once all the pegs are in place, assess their stability by gently pulling or pushing on them. They should be firmly secured in the ground with minimal movement.



What are fixing pegs used for?

These products are great for holding various types of netting (for fish ponds, gardens, or other uses) and similar products in place, preventing them being blown away in the wind, or removed by animals that may come into your garden, seeking to wreak damage.

What’s the difference between wooden and metal pegs?

One of the critical differences is a visual one. Wooden pegs can be more naturalistic, blending in more with your garden. That being said, metal pegs are longer lasting, more resistant to wear or damage, and more effective for holding heavy objects down.

How strong are fixing pegs?

Our pegs are very durable and can hold different duty objects to the ground for an extended period of time, providing they are installed into the ground correctly.

How do I get pegs in to the ground?

Our pegs must be put into a permeable surface, like grass or dirt. Do not attempt to install pegs in to decking, paving, or similar materials. A solid mallet should be used to firmly secure the pegs.

How do I prevent my pegs from coming loose?

They should be implanted in to solid ground, and should be pushed in as far as possible. Make sure they are firmly inserted.