Fencing for Small Dogs

EU manufactured wire mesh suited to creating dog-proof fencing for small dog breeds. 

If you have a particularly strong or agile small dog select visit fencing for medium-sized dogs.

To ensure suitability to your pet please check the product guide below

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Small Dog Fence Overview

Suited to:

Small breeds

High jumping small breeds

– 90cm stops most small breeds from jumping over. Select 1.2m (4ft) option if your small dog is a high jumper

Powerful small breeds

– select 1.6mm wire diameter will stop the most powerful small breeds from chewing through or pushing over the fence

Good climbers

– choose 25mm x 25mm mesh hole size if your pup is good at climbing otherwise 50mm x 50mm will prevent climbing.


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Prevent Climbing: Select Hole Size

If you are unsure of your dog’s ability to climb we suggest going for a mesh hole size of 25mm x 25mm or less. This will ensure that your dog’s paws do not fit into the holes so they can lift themselves up and over the mesh.

Hole size

13mm x 13mm

19mm x 19mm

25mm x 25mm

50mm x 50mm

Very small breeds


Small breeds


Best climbing small breeds


Prevent Jumping Over: Select Height

If you are unsure of your dog’s ability to jump we suggest going for 1.8m (6ft) which will contain 99% of dogs.  The very highest jumping dogs can clear 2.1m (8ft).


50cm (1.6ft)







Very small breeds


Small breeds



Highest jumping small breeds


Prevent Chewing Through Wire: Select Wire Diameter

If you are unsure of the strength of your dog’s chewing strength we suggest going for at 2mm+ wire diameter

Wire diameter

1mm (19g)

1.6mm (16g)

2mm (14g)

Very small breeds


Small breeds



Small breeds with the most powerful jaws


General Product Information

Wire mesh options



Manufacturing grade


Pre-galvanised then hot dipped again in very thick layer of zinc

Made in


Conforms to British Manufacturing Standards

BS EN 10218-2:2012 &  BS EN 10244-2:2009

Life expectancy under normal conditions

20 years

25 years

British Kennel Standards

 – see British Kennel Standard fencing

Has sharp edges and corners?

– all wire mesh on this page is made in Europe with no sharp edges to injure your dog

Delivered as

As a roll



Suited to indoors

– see indoor dog fence options

Portable: good for caravan, camping, etc


– see portable dog fencing

Suited to outdoors


Run or exercise area


Partition off driveways, etc


Kennels & enclosures


Strength & Environment


Corrosion resistant

Yes – conforms to British manufacturing standard – EN 10244-2:2009

Abrasion resistance

Yes – conforms to British manufacturing standard BS EN 10218-2:2012

Life expectancy under normal conditions

20 Years

25 years

Suited to Environments


Installation & Maintenance


Speed of installation

Quick (download instructions)

Experience required to install


Can be installed with wooden posts?


Can be installed with metal posts?


Can stand alone without posts?


Join together using

U Staples

Cut using

Wire cutters or bolt cutters

Requires protective glove for handling


Ease of repair


Installation instructions




General look

Metallic grey, silver look

Invisible from a distance

– Mesh with 50mm x 50mm holes can be difficult to spot from a distance but they are not 100% invisible

Example installation

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Also stops?



– select minimum 19g wire diameter and hole no bigger than 31mm x 31mm


– select minimum 14g wire diameter and hole no bigger than 50mm x 50mm


– select minimum 19g wire diameter and hole no bigger than 25mm x 25mm 

Pigs, sheep, etc

 – select minimum 14g wire and hole size no bigger than 50mm x 50mm

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Installation Instructions

Attach to: How to:
Wooden Posts


Metal Posts

(Cable ties)

Concrete Posts

(Tensioning wire,
Eye bolts



Wire Fence

(Cable ties)


Size chart

Size Length/Weight Breed
Very small dog Extra Small
61cm L x 16cm W
Paillon, Yorkshire Terrier, Japanese Chin, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Maltese
Small dog Small
76cm L x 54cm W
Dachshund, Pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Shih Tzu, Bichons Frises, Brussels Griffon