Plastic Dog Fencing

Plastic and PVC coated fencing for dogs.  Good for indoor use and covering large areas cheaply when compared to metal dog fencing 


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Installation Instructions

  • With Panels

  • With Mesh

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Mark the Location

T post step 1 - mark area

Create a straight line to outline the fence between the two end posts.

Step 2 – Measure Post Distance

T post step 2 - panel

Use your panels to measure the post distance.

Step 3 – Install End Posts

T post step 3 - end posts

Use a post driver or mallet to sink the end posts 50cm into the ground.



Make sure the end posts are pointing in the same direction.

Step 4 – Check for Same Height

T post step 4 - same height

Attach a string across the end posts, and check the height of their installation using a tape measure.

Step 5 – Check for Straightness

T post step 5 - straightness

Ensure that the posts have been installed completely straight by using a spirit level.

Step 6 (Optional) – Set in Concrete

T post step 6 - concrete

For a sturdier and more reliable fence, enhance its stability by setting your posts in concrete.



This involves digging a 50cm hole and pouring cement to create a foundation for the posts.

Step 7 – Install Middle Posts

T post step 7 - middle posts

Follow steps 3 through 5 to install the middle posts.


Ensure that the posts are facing in the same direction and are being installed in a straight and uniform manner.


If you want to make your fence even more robust, consider using concrete to secure the middle posts.

Step 8 – Attach Panel to Posts


Start at the end post and secure the mesh to it by using cable ties. These ties can be threaded through the pre-drilled holes in the post.



You can add extra cable ties to encircle the entire post.

Alternative Option


Expand the gap between the posts by overlapping the panels and join them by fastening them together using cable ties.

Additional Step to Prevent Digging


Dig a trench along your fence line and cover the trench’s bottom with a piece of chicken wire. Attach the wire to the panel by using cable ties.


Use pegs to secure the wire to the ground at every 60cm, then cover it by adding a layer of soil or mulch over it.