Stop Dogs Digging

Wire mesh to prevent dogs from digging under fences or squeezing underneath gaps at the bottom of your fence.  

The PVC coating has a smooth finish making it kinder on your dog’s paws.

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Installation Instructions

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Identify the area


  • Mark the areas of the fence where the dog is digging
  • If unsure, watch your dog the next time they go into your garden

Step 2 – Measure the area


  • Measure the area your dog is digging
  • The roll of mesh will need to be the same length or longer than the area the dog is digging
  • The height of the mesh should be 30cm or higher

Step 3 – Dig a Trench


  • Use a spade to dig a trench approx 30cm (deep) x 30cm (wide)
  • The trench should run along the full length where the dog is digging.

Step 4 – Put mesh in the trench


  • Unroll the mesh along the trench
  • The bottom of the roll of mesh should be falling into the trench so it looks like an ‘L’ shape
  • The top of the roll of the mesh should be sticking out of the ground so that it can be attached to the fence

Step 5 – Attach to wooden fence


Use U staples to attach the top of the mesh to a wooden fence.

Step 6 – Attach to metal fence


Use Cable Ties to attach the top of the mesh to a metal fence.

Step 7 – Fill in the trench


Use a spade to fill in the trench with the earth that you dug out in step 1