Gabion Tying Wire

Grey PVC or galfan coated tying wire used to attach gabion corners and lids as well as connecting gabions together.

Purchases of gabion cages on our site will include tying wire

  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards
  • Starting from £9.99


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Tying Wire Technical Information

  Galfan Coated PVC Coated
Use with Galfan coated gabions PVC coated gabions
Length per kg 30 meters per kg
Delivered as As a coil in a continuous length of wire
Delivered with Tying wire is free with any purchase of gabions on our site.  It can also be purchased on its own on this page.
Conforms to British manufacturing standard BS EN 10223-8:2013
Wire Diameter 2.2mm
Tensile strength range 350 to 550 N/mm2
Corrosion resistance Yes, conforms to British standard BS EN 10244-2:2009
Abrasion resistance Conforms to EN 60229:2008
Life Expectancy 50-100 years Up to 120 years
Suited to saltwater environment No Yes
Suited to environments C2-C4 C2-C5


How much tying wire do I need?

The wire quantities outlined below are the approximate amount of wire required to attach gabion corners and lid.

We recommend ordering 1/3 more than our guide to prevent running out.

Size of gabion Length required
L45cm x D45cm x H45cm 3.75m
L97.5cm x D45cm x H45cm 4.5m
L97.5cm x D97.5cm x H45cm 4.5m
L97.5cm x D97.5cm x H97.5cm 7.5m
L150cm x D45cm x H45cm 5m
L150cm x D97.5cm x H45cm 5m
L150cm x D97.5cm x H97.5cm 8m
L202.5cm x D45cm x H45cm 6m
L202.5cm x D97.5cm x H45cm 6m
L202.5cm x D97.5cm x H97.5cm 9m


Installation Instructions

Attaching the corners and lid Instructions

Cut the amount of wire from the coil that will fit the gabion – 1m length will require 1.5m of wire.

Using one continuous length thread the wire in and out of each mesh holes. As you thread the wire pull the wire to tighten

For extra strength double-loop the wire around each mesh holes.

At the start and end the wire should be looped around the mesh three times.

Attaching the lid Instructions
Follow the same process for attaching the corners (see above)


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