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Cable Ties

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What are cable ties used for?

These products were originally designed to hold together collections of wires for easy cable management, but they also have a range of our practical purposes, being extremely useful for holding objects together, whether they be fences or fence posts, or a bundle of something.

How strong are cable ties?

There are a wide range of products available with a range of strengths. These are designed for a variety of purposes and weight of objects. Check out each product page

How are they tied?

The products tie very simply, but vary from tie to tie. Make sure to check the relevant instructions for your exact product.

What are the differences between plastic and stainless steel ties?

Steel ties are recommended more for heavy duty uses, like binding big bundles of heavy duty objects, or for industrial purposes, whilst plastic ties are better suited for smaller scale needs, like tying wires together.

Do I need a cable tie gun?

Not necessarily. Guns are very useful in professional applications, and can help ensure exactly the right tension is in place, but you can use your ties without a gun.