Cable Ties

Fully UV treated cable ties for joining mesh, attaching mesh to line wire and posts, or general fixing applications.

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Easily tightened
  • Durable, weather proof material

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Product information

Colour Length Width Material Pack Size
Black  29,7 cm 2,5 cm Nylon 100 pieces
Green 20 cm 2,5 cm Nylon 100 pieces



Installation Instructions


To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Insert the Cable Tie



Grab a cable tie and weave it through the gaps or around the mesh of the fencing, connecting it to the supporting structure. Ensure the tie is positioned to firmly secure the fencing in its place.

Step 2 – Tighten the Cable Tie



Pull the ends of the cable tie tightly to secure the fencing. Make sure it’s snug but not too tight to damage either the fencing or the support structure.

Step 3 – Trim Excess Tie (Optional)



Once the cable tie is securely tightened, use scissors or wire cutters to trim off any surplus length of the tie. Be careful to avoid cutting the fencing or leaving behind any sharp edges.

Step 4 – Check for Stability


After attaching all the fencing, double-check its stability. Give the fencing a gentle shake or push to ensure they’re securely fastened.

Common Uses

  • Joining mesh
  • Attaching mesh to posts
  • Attaching mesh to line wire
  • General fixing applications



What can cable ties be used for?

These products were originally designed for easy cable management, to hold together collections of wires. Since then, they have come to serve a wide range of practical uses, being accessible, simple to use and adequate for holding objects together, like fences and fence posts, pieces of wire netting, bundles of wires and basically anything you can fit inside of them.

How strong are they?

Our cable ties are made of nylon, a fairly strong type of plastic that can hold pieces of mesh together, or be used for attaching wire netting to fence posts or tensioning wire.

How are they tied?

These products can be fastened very simply, you just have to wrap them around the object(s) you would like to hold together, push the loose end of the cable tie through the hole on the other end and that’s it! The toothed side will prevent the loose end from sliding out.

How can I loosen them?

Unfortunately you can not loosen these types of cable ties, so be careful how tight you make them, as this cannot be undone.

How can I untie them?

You can not untie them. However, you can cut them with scissors or a knife if they are no longer needed.

How should I store them?

These products should be kept in their original packaging, away from direct sources of heat and sunlight.

What colour should I choose?

Given that the length is adequate, we would recommend choosing black for use on galvanised and welded wire netting, and green for our range of PVC coated fencing and green plastic mesh.

How can I make these really blend in?

For the most aesthetically pleasing look, cut the ends of the ties once you fastened them, that way they’ll become almost invisible from a distance.