Gabion Stone

High grade, interlocking stones ideally suited retaining walls and filling gabion baskets

If you are unsure of the exact amount you need use the gabion stone calculator

  • UK wide shipping
  • Sold in bulk bags of approx 850kg
  • Sizes between 80mm – 200mm

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    £146.99 inc. VAT
    Stone Type : Granite
    Colour : Silver Grey
    Colour disclaimer : Stone is a natural recurring mineral so the colour of the stones will vary from the images on our website
    Shape of stone : Angular and interlocking to reduce pressure on gabion walls
    Stone Size : Range between 80mm - 200mm
    Frost Resistant : Yes
    Weight per Bag : 850kg
    Size per Bag : 1m (length) x 1m (Depth) x 1m (Height)


Application / Comparison Table


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Gabion Dimensions (cm) Gabion Volume (m3) Bulk Bags  Required Weight Required (kg)
45 45 45 0.09 1 164
97.5 45 45 0.20 1 197
97.5 97.5 45 0.42 1 770
97.5 97.5 97.5 0.92 2 1,668
150 45 45 0.30 1 546
150 97.5 45 0.66 2 1,185
150 97.5 97.5 1.43 3 2,567
202.5 45 45 0.41 1 738
202.5 97.5 45 0.89 2 1,599
202.5 97.5 97.5 1.93 4 3,465


How to Fill & Save Money

backfill-gabion-with-rubble Partitions are a cheap way to backfill cages.

The partition creates a separate compartment at the back of the cage. This compartment can be filled with cheaper material as long as it is 80mm+ and can drain water


  • Cheaper than using quarried stone
  • Reduces bulging
  • Enables machine filling
Rubble Sacks



Rubble sacks are a cheap way to backfill cages.

The sacks should be permeable and filled with hard rubble larger than 10mm+ which can drain water


  • Cheaper than using quarried stone



  • Not suitable for retaining walls
  • Not suitable for wall taller than 1.5m



Machine Filling
 how-to-machine-fill-gabions-with-gabion-stone It is possible to fill the cages with a machine such as a JCB but it makes bulging more likely

Add support poles and partitions to reduce the likelihood of bulging.

Hand filing is still required at intervals to fill in voids left by the machine


  • Quicker installation for large jobs



  • Increased voids
  • Increased likelihood of bulging



Do I need to use gabion basket stone to fill my cages?
No. As long as the fill meets the following criteria

  • The material should be hard
  • The material should be heavy
  • The material should be durable
  • The material should be able to drain water
  • The material should not be susceptible to frost
  • The material should not be less than 80mm in size
  • The material should not be more than 200mm in size


Do you sell any other types of rock?
No. Sorry not at the moment.  We only sell the rock types that you see on this page

Where can I find other gabion stone suppliers?
Simply Google ‘Quarry near me’ to find suppliers other types of rocks

Can I fill the cages with any other types of material?
Yes.  If the cages is being used for decorative purposes then you can fill it with anything that you like such as wood or recycled material

If the cages are being used for a retaining wall or for structural purposes then suitable gabion rocks are required.

How much tonnage do I need?
It will depend on the size and amount of cages that you are using.

You can quickly calculate the amount you need by using the gabion stone calculator

Alternatively get in touch and we can help:)