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Animal & Pet Fencing

Animal control fence is ideal for creating enclosures and containment areas, as well as offering protection for animals and forestry.



Can I use animal control fence to keep foxes out of my garden?

Yes, while fences are an effective way to keep foxes out of gardens, foxes are capable of digging around 450mm underground, and jumping a standard 900mm fence. Creating a pen with an outward-facing overhang or roof will help, and angling some fencing across the ground to stop foxes digging will also help to protect your garden.

Will animal fencing keep butterflies out?

The hole size of most animal fencing is too big to keep butterflies out, although it may help to deter them from entering.

Are animal fences suitable to stop my puppy escaping from the garden?

For most breeds of dog, animal control fencing is an effective way to stop puppies from escaping gardens! We would advise that you check specific measurements before ordering, to make sure your puppy can’t slip through.

How long will animal protection fences last?

Our fencing is made from highly durable materials including plastic and steel, and is able to withstand varying weather conditions, meaning it should last for many years.


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