Helicals (Gabion Spirals)

1m long galfan coated helicals.  Also referred to as ‘Gabion Spirals Binders or Joints’ they are used to attach gabion cages together. 

Helical Quantity Guide

  • Quicker gabion installation compared to tying wire
  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards.

Full product details

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Manufacturing Standard

Product Attributes  
Material Galfan Coated Steel
Length 1m
Wire Diameter (Gauge) 3mm
Min. Tensile Strength 350 N/mm2
Colour Metal Grey
Conforms to British manufacturing standard for corrosion BS EN 10218-2:2012, BS EN 10244-2:2009
Life Expectancy in normal weather conditions 50-100 years
Suited to saltwater conditions No


How Many Helicals do I Need?

Helical are 1m in length.  If the height’ of your gabion is less than 1m the helical will require cutting to size on-site using a hacksaw or wire clippers

Gabion Cage Size Helicals required for corners Helical required for lid Helicals require cutting to size
Up to L0.5m x D0.5m x H0.5m 2 1 Y
Up to L1m x D1m x H1m 4 1 N
Up to L2m x D1m x H1m 4 2 N


Installation Instructions

Attaching the corners  

4x helicals are required for square and oblong-shaped gabions – one for each corner

The helicals are 1m long so if your gabion is shorter than 0.5m then you will only need x2 helicals

The helicals can be cut to size on-site using a hacksaw or wire clippers

Attaching the lid  

Tying wire is normally  used to attach the lid

If you would prefer to use helicals you will need

  • 1x helical for gabions up to 1m long
  • 2x helicals over 1m long


Attaching Gabions Together

To speed up the installation of your gabions you can use the helicals to attach the baskets together as well as the corners.

Attach x2 corners with 1x helical  


Fits wire diameter

  • 3mm to 3mm
  • 3mm to 4mm
  • 4mm to 4mm
  • 4mm to 5mm
  • 5mm to 5mm
Attach x2 corners with 2x helical  
Alternative option for uneven ground & to bridge larger gaps between the baskets
Attach multiple gabions together  

Helicals can be used to attach gabions that are stacked on top of each other as well as next to each other.