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Gabion Benches

Find below a selection of hard wearing, corrosion resistant stainless steel gabion benches. Commonly used for garden landscaping. Our Gabions are ready made and delivered flat packed.


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Gabion Benches FAQ’s

What is gabion?

Gabion is a term derived from the Italian word for big cage, gabbione, and describes a large mesh cage, box, cylinder, crate, or other shape, filled with a material such as rocks, sandstone, or others. The gabion holds the material together, creating a strong structure.

What are gabion bench baskets used for?

Gabion, as a whole, has a range of uses from walls, to road building and strengthening river banks and shorelines against erosion. Gabion bench baskets are specialised for use in the domestic garden for making robust furniture and supports – hence the name, describing their usefulness in creating strong, durable benches.

Can bench baskets be used for other projects?

Yes. These products can be put to a lot of different domestic uses. They are not as suitable for industrial purposes, being smaller cages, but we have a range of other gabion products are available. But bench baskets can be used for making furniture, but also in steps, in water features, and for smaller walls.

What is the difference between welded and woven mesh gabions?

Both perform identical functions, but there are some differences. Welded mesh gabions are made from a heavier material, and have smaller holes. This gives them some distinct strengths over their woven counterparts. They are more durable, holding their shape far longer, installation is quicker, and they provide a more uniform aesthetic.

What materials are recommended for use with gabion?

Anything that is strong and durable. Rocks are the most common material of choice, but anything tough, erosion resistant, and which can be tightly packed will do a good job.


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