Gabion Bench Seating

4 & 5mm thick gabion bench seating cages.  Strong enough to take the weight of people sitting on them. 45cm (18 inches) high for a comfortable sitting height.

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Key info:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • 50 years in lifespan in outdoor environments
  • Aesthetic and uniform sturdy square mesh

Full product details

BBA Certificate Number: 05/4215 held by Link Middle East Ltd

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Product Overview

Installation Instructions

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Mark Area

Use spray paint, stones or other materials to mark the location where you plan to construct your bench.

Step 2 – Dig Ground

Dig 10cm or until the ground is firm.

Step 3 – Lay Base

Add a 10cm layer of gravel or basecourse.

Step 4 – Stomp Gravel

Walk and stomp on the gravel to make it compact.

Optional – Concrete Foundation

Most gabion benches do not require a foundation but if you have a large amount of groundwater or the soil is weak, it may be needed.

Step 5 – Fold Up Baskets

Unfold the baskets and lift up their sides, front and back.
Leave the lids hanging backward.

Step 6 – Make Up Baskets

Connect the corners of the baskets with helicals. Alternatively, you can use tying wire.

Step 7 – Fill Gabions

Fill up your gabions with your desired type of stone.

Step 8 – Attach Wooden Top


Place wooden planks on top of the gabion fill.

Close down the lid, place the wooden top on the lid and screw it to the wooden planks beneath the wire.

Step 9 – Gabion Bench Ready


Your gabion bench is ready.




Attach with Explanation



Place wooden planks on top of the gabion fill.


Close down the lid and secure it to the gabion.


Place the wooden top on the lid and screw it to the wooden planks beneath the wire.

Pipe Clamps



Take a couple of pipe clamps and hammer them flat. Lift the lid panel and put the wooden top behind it.


Drill the holes, push a bolt through each of them and slide the clamp onto the bolts.


Secure the end of the bolts with nuts and close down the lid with tying wire.

Staples / U Nails



Lift the lid of the gabion and place the wooden top behind it.


Take a couple of U-nails and hammer them through the mesh and into the top so that it holds it in place.


Make sure the nails are not longer than the thickness of the wooden top. Close down the lid with tying wire.


Calculate Stone Quantity


Gabion Dimensions (cm) Gabion Volume (m3) Bulk Bags of Stone Required Weight of Stone Required (kg)
45 45 45 0.09 1 164
97.5 45 45 0.20 1 197
97.5 97.5 45 0.42 1 770
97.5 97.5 97.5 0.92 2 1,668
150 45 45 0.30 1 546
150 97.5 45 0.66 2 1,185
150 97.5 97.5 1.43 3 2,567
202.5 45 45 0.41 1 738
202.5 97.5 45 0.89 2 1,599
202.5 97.5 97.5 1.93 4 3,465