Gabion Bench Seating

Create great looking and long lasting outdoor gabion bench seating from our selection of baskets – easy to install and economical.

Key info:

  • High grade Galfan coated steel
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Aesthetic and uniform sturdy square mesh
  • Low rise units, choose from 45cm or 67.5cm high
  • Long life – up to 50 yrs in low corrosion environments


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Product Information: Gabion Bench Seating

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MaterialGalfan coated steel wire
ConstructionElectrically welded at each intersection into bi-axial square mesh. Galfan coated (95% Zinc / 5% Al)
AppearanceUniform, rigid squares, bright metallic surface
Mesh Size75mm x 75mm (3″ x 3″) square mesh
Wire DiameterSingle wire units of 3, 4 or 5mm dia. thickness. All sections (front, back, internal, side panels) are made from same wire diameter.
Tensile StrengthRange: 540 to 770N/mm2
Weld Strength75% of min. ultimate tensile strength of the wire
Corrosion ResistanceGalfan coated: 95% Zinc / 5% Aluminium finish (BS EN 10244-2:2009 (Class A)
Life Expectancy50 years, in C2 (mild, low corrosion) environments 
HandlingComes flat packed with gabion clips & tying wire for easy assembly. Lightweight.
Tying Wire2.2mm dia. Tensile strength: 350 to 500N/mm
Manufactured to:BS EN 10223-8:2013


Bench SeatingDescription
What is it?A wire mesh containment system that is filled with rocks or other non-degradable objects to create cost effective & durable outdoor gabion seating.
To build a gabion bench:Assemble basket in situ. Fill with hard, durable, non-degradable rock or stone. Use pieces that are 30-40% larger than the mesh aperture of the basket. Pack neatly and tightly to ensure there are no voids. Secure the lid and mount desired board or wood on top to create the seat.
Basket AssemblyComes flat packed with sides clipped together and lacing wire included. Fold sides up and lace corners together with lacing wire (or helicals if ordered also). If using lacing wire, start at the top and weave down the join, before lacing back upwards. Cut wire off at the top and secure. Larger baskets will have a central panel also – fix this into position with lacing wire. Once basket is filled, secure lid in position with lacing wire – ensure there are no noticeable voids before tying down.
Advantages of gabionsSympathetic to outdoor environment. Long lasting, weather proof.

How to assemble a gabion basket