Garden Border Fencing

Steel hoop top garden border fencing coating with green PVC. This attractive design is often favoured for garden borders, allotments, footpath borders and plant protection. With a PVC coating, this product is able to withstand elemental factors such as UV rays and water. This means the fence is less susceptible to rust, perfect for long-lasting outdoor use.

Key Info:

  • Green colouring to blend in with the garden aesthetic
  • PVC coated steel, long-lasting and weather resistant
  • Attractive hoop design
  • Lightweight and easily installed
  • Deters larger animals from digging up plants


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Is there a height restriction for garden border fencing?
Any wall or fence surrounding your property can be a maximum of 2 metres in height, except where it adjoins a road or footpath, where the restriction is 1 metre. You will need to apply for planning permission for fences that exceed this height.

What is the best colour for decorative border fencing?
It depends on the look you would like! Our fencing comes in various colours. Green is a good choice to help blend the fence into the environment, while natural wood or other colours are often used to create a feature.

Will a border fence keep rabbits out of my garden?
As these fences are decorative, they are unlikely to keep all rabbits out of your backyard. We also sell stronger mesh and netting which is more suitable for keeping rabbits and other animals from entering your garden.

Can the fencing be cut down?
Yes, our hoop top fencing can be trimmed with wire cutters or other suitable tools.


Common uses

  • Plant decoration
  • Garden borders
  • Allotments
  • Lawn edging
  • Footpath border


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