Mouse & Rodent Proof Mesh

Rodent proof mesh has small 6mm holes to stop rats and mice getting through.  The wires are 0.6mm or 0.7mm which will prevent the rodent from knawing through the wire. 

Full product details

Installation Instructions


  • Fence with a Gap at the Bottom

  • Fence with Larger Holes

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Measure the Area & Plan Installation



Measure the length and height of the installation area using a tape measure, also considering the mesh buried in the 30cm trench (in depth and width).

This will help you determine how much wire mesh you will need.

Step 2 – Dig a Trench



Dig a trench along your fence line
at a 30cm depth and width.

This depth is necessary as rodents are skilled diggers and can easily burrow under shallow barriers.

Step 3 – Cut Down Mesh (if applicable)



Use wire cutters to cut the mesh to the desired size along the measured line, ensuring adequate overlap at corners and edges for a secure fit.

Step 4 – Secure the Mesh



Prevent rodents from burrowing under the fence by sinking the mesh into the trench and bending it outward at a 90-degree angle.

Use staples spaced no more than 15cm apart and hammer them into the bottom of the fence. Secure the mesh to the ground with pegs.

Ensure the mesh is taut and free from wrinkles or folds.

Step 5 – Finish Fence Run



Repeat step 4 until you finish the fence run.

Step 6 – Cover Trench



Use the soil you dug up previously to cover the trench with the mesh inside.

Step 7 – Checking the Installation & Maintenance



After completing the installation, conduct a thorough inspection to ensure there are no gaps or openings for rodents to enter.

Tighten and secure the wire mesh with additional staples or cable ties if necessary.

Regularly inspect the fence for any damage or signs of wear, and promptly repair or replace any damaged sections as needed.



What do these meshes do?

Nobody wants rodents running around. In fact, unclean animals can spread disease and lead to a deterioration in hygiene. In a commercial setting, mice infestations can lead to serious consequences. These products can be used to seal up any holes, gaps, or vents in a property to prevent mice from entering your home from business. They are a humane alternative to traps.

What colour are these products?

We understand that ensuring that any mesh you install matches with the aesthetic and look of your building is just as important to customers as the effectiveness of the product. For that reason, we offer these meshes in a range of neutral, and subtle colours, to give you a good selection of choices for your premises.

How strong are these meshes?

These products are made from a stainless steel welded mesh, providing a good level of protection against chewing and scratching. They are also available with plastic and stainless steel surrounds, with the latter particularly good for repelling rats.

How do I fix mouse proof mesh?

It can be either glued or screwed in to place, depending on circumstance. We recommend reading the instructions that come with your product, and we believe that screwing is, in the majority of cases, the best option.

How much might I need?

We recommending covering all holes and vents for best results, so make sure to order enough units to block up these gaps.