Gabion Baskets

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If you are looking for non-standard size gabions you can create any size gabion you require on this page

  • BBA approved for retaining wall construction
  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards
  • Starting from £15.99

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BBA Certificate Number: 05/4215 held by Link Middle East Ltd

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Which Wire Thickness? 

Wire Diameter Use For:
3mm Standard wire thickness for walls up to 5m. Low-cost option. Will result in minor bulges when filled with rocks. Suitable if architectural, straight edge finish is not required.
4mm 5m+ high & free-standing walls.  Use for seating or surfaces that will be walked on. Will give an architectural, straight edge finish when filled carefully with interlocking rocks.
5mm 5m+ high walls & free-standing walls.  Use for seating or surfaces that will be walked on. Best for an architectural, uniform and precise finish. For use in public parks. Can be used with rounded stone fill.

Recommended applications & uses

Assembly Instructions

Corner Assembly Fitting  
How to assemble

Gabions are delivered flat packed with the sides, bottom and lid clipped together. Upon arrival, the corners of the gabions should be attached to complete assembly.

Download assembly instructions

Using tying wire

Tying wire is supplied with all gabion orders.

PRO: it’s free
CON: time of installation

Using helicals

Helicals can be purchased separately. 4x helicals are required for assembly per gabion (one for each corner).

PRO: looks uniform and quick to install
CON: additional cost

Using CT35 clips

Gabion clips are available in bulk quantities. Advised for use by professionals

PRO: discrete / hidden
CON: requires a plier or electronic tool

Calculate Stone Quantity


Gabion Dimensions (cm) Bulk Bags of Granite Stone Required Bulk Bags of Limestone Required Weight of Stone Required (kg)
45 45 45 1 1 160
97.5 45 45 1 1 360
97.5 97.5 45 1 1 770
97.5 97.5 97.5 2 2 1670
150 45 45 1 1 540
150 97.5 45 2 2 1190
150 97.5 97.5 3 4 2570
202.5 45 45 1 1 740
202.5 97.5 45 2 2 1600
202.5 97.5 97.5 4 5 3470