Line Tensioning Wire

High-grade, galvanised and green plastic coated line tensioning wire available.

Used to create tension between posts in many types of fencing including: chain link fencing, stock fence, hexagonal wire fencing, rabbit fencing and wire mesh.

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Installation Instructions

  • For a Tension Wire Fence

  • For Any Type of Fencing

  • For T Posts

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Mark the Post Location


Mark the post location with a distance of 2-2.5m apart from each other.

Step 2 – Dig Holes


Dig a hole to place your posts into. The depth of the hole should be around a 3rd of the post.


Use a spirit level to ensure the posts are straight.

Step 3 (Optional) – Cement in Posts 


Pour concrete into the holes then place your posts into the concrete.

Step 4 – Mark Wire Location


Mark where each strand of wire should be on the first and last post.

Step 5 – Attach Wire to Start Post


Attach the first strand to the bottom of the starting post.


Hook the wire around the post, twist it back and wrap it around itself 4-5 times to hold the tension.

Step 6  – Attach Radisseur to Last Post


Using a separate piece of wire, attach a radisseur to the last post.

Step 7 – Attach Wire to Radisseur


Cut the first line of tensioning wire leaving an extra 10 cm of length.

Weave the wire through the hole located in the middle of the radisseur.

Step 8  – Tension the Wire


Use pliers to twist the pin on the radisseur in a clockwise direction.

Alternative Option


If you don’t have a radisseur, you can twist the wire around the post and wrap it around itself 4-5 times.

This method will not create as much tension compared to using a radisseur.

Step 9 – Attach to Middle Posts


Attach the wire to the middle posts using staples. Allow a little room for the wire to move inside the staple.




Alternative Option


In case of metal posts, where there aren’t any pre-drilled holes, cut a piece of wire and use it to secure the line wires one by one to each intermediate post.

Step 10  –  Repeat Steps 5-9


Attach the rest of the wire by repeating steps 5-9.