Green Chicken Wire

Green chicken wire netting with galvanised core and PVC coating.  Used for poultry enclosures, chicken runs, fences, fruit cages, plant support. 

Key info:

  • High rust & corrosion resistance
  • Long-lasting & durable
  • Green blends in with the garden
  • Easy to unroll, cut & shape

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Full product details

Product Information: Green Chicken Wire

Size & Applications

Mesh Size  Use For: 
13mm x 13mm Fruit cages / Keeping out wild birds / Rodent protection
25mm x 25mm Chicken runs / Light weight fencing / General garden use / Small animal enclosures
50mm x 50mm Chicken coops / Poultry enclosures / General purpose / Fencing


Property Description
Material & Construction Galvanised steel, coated in smooth protective PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Resistance Corrosion and rust resistant surface
Appearance Green hexagonal pattern
Handling Lightweight & malleable. Easy to cut & shape.
Biodegradable No
Protecting exposed steel Rust may occur where new cuts are made if untreated steel is exposed. Protect with galvanised spray or paint


Attach to: How to:
Wooden Posts


Metal Posts

(Cable ties)



Wire Fence

(Cable ties)



Can I use this wire netting to deter predators?

Yes, although it will not protect against predators. To deter digging animals, lie the mesh around the outer areas of your coop and then cover with dirt. Once the predator comes into contact with it, it will likely stop.

How do I install plastic chicken wire to a fence or coop?

  • Unroll the fence, weighing down one end as you do so, to make it easier
  • Use a set of cutters to create your desired length. Wear protective gloves
  • Fold an inch of the fence over either side to avoid sharp edges
  • Using a staple gun, the fence can then be attached to posts or to the outside of the coop