Deer Fence Netting

Protect trees and plants, and keep deer from getting into gardens, farm land, newly planted woodland etc.

Suitable for domestic & commercial deer control. 

We stock:

Black Plastic Deer Netting:

  • Strong, lightweight, unobtrusive
  • UV stabilised & rot resistant with 5-7 year lifespan
  • Use to fence off whole areas or protect young trees & new plants
  • Easy to install & cut

Galvanised Deer Fence:

  • High tensile galvanised steel fencing
  • Excellent corrosion and rust resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Good for larger scale perimeter protection

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Full product details

Product Information

Properties: Plastic Deer Netting

MaterialHigh tensile Polypropylene, extruded then stretched during manufacture for additional strength & durability
Characteristics80gsm. Lightweight but very strong & tough
AppearanceBlack square mesh. Unobtrusive & blends in
Hole Size50mm x 50mm / 2 inch x 2 inch
ResistanceUV stabilised, rot & weather resistant
HandlingLightweight, easily shaped. Delivered as a roll. Cut to size with scissors. 
Lifespan5-7 years

Installation Notes:

Short term installationAttach to posts using cable ties or U-nails
Long term installationBatten the mesh to the posts: fix between the post and another piece of treated timber of the same length
Additional SupportUse galvanised line wire for added support between the posts, as netting is more flexible than wire mesh
At ground levelSome deer may try to push through under the fence. To prevent this keep enough mesh to create a lip along the base of the fence which can be pegged / staked down

Properties: Galvanised Deer Fence 

MaterialHight tensile, hot dip galvanised steel 
CharacteristicsHinge joint knot, 13 x horizontal line wires at differing heights & 15cm vertical spacing for strength. Low maintenance
AppearanceSilver / metallic colour
Hole SizeMultiple aperture sizes, starting with smallest at base and getting larger towards the top
ResistanceHigh level of corrosion, rust and weather resistance
HandlingDelivered as a roll. Cut with wire cutters. Requires less posts (typically every 5-9 metres) and less maintenance than mild steel fencing.