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Plastic Deer Fence Netting

plastic-deer-fence-nettingPlastic deer fence netting will help to keep deer in or out of your designated area without harming the animals.

Key info:

  • Great solution for any garden
  • Ideal for keeping deers in or out
  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • High tensile strengtht and durability
  • Easy to install
  • Can be cut to the desired size


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Product Technical Details

  • Material:  Polyethylene
  • Lengths: 100m per roll
  • Widths: 1.2m – 2m
  • Hole Size: 50mmx50mm
  • Weight: 80gsm
  • Colour: Black



Do these fences work for gardens?
Yes, this fencing is effective for keeping deer away from gardens, which are essentially snack bars full of delectable treats for them! To completely stop them, you can team fences up with repellent smells and tastes such as rotten eggs and garlic.

Is this fence better than traditional wire mesh fencing ?
Wire mesh is obviously a lot more sturdy and lasts longer, this plastic fence is easier to install, lighter and cheaper as well. You should decide between the two options depending on where you need it for.

Could rabbits or other animals chew through it ?
They could chew their way through it as it’s plastic and not rigid, but it’s meant to deter animals from places, so they wouldn’t go through it, unless they wouldn’t have any other option. It can’t be used for building enclosures.

Can it be used for protecting my plants from birds ?
No, as the whole size is too large. If you would like bird netting, please see our range of anti bird netting here.

Do I need planning permission to install this deer netting?
You may need to apply for planning permission, depending on location. Planning permission is needed if you want to erect a fence over 1 metre high and next to a vehicle highway or footpath. If you’re unsure, then check with your council before installing any fence.


Common Uses

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Garden fencing
  • Plant climbing and support
  • DIY tree guards



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