Gabion Planter

Gabion planters used as flower beds, plant beds and a large range of decorative features by landscapers and gardeners.

Manufactured in the UK to BS EN standards

Key Info

  • Starting from £12.99
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Lifespan of 50 years +

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BBA Certificate Number: 05/4215 held by Link Middle East Ltd

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How to Make a Planter

To Do Explanation
Step 1 – Cut Out The Lid

Measure the diameter of your pot and use bolt cutters or an angle grinder to cut a hole on the lid.

The hole should be big enough so the container fits through it.

Step 2 – Start Filling The Gabion

Depending on the height of your plant pot, start filling your gabion with stone.

Step 3 – Add The Container


Place a container on top of the stones.

The container should have its top more or less in line with the top of the gabion.

If not, place more stones beneath it, until they are level.

Step 4 – Fill It Up


Fill up the gabion around the plant container, until you reach the top of the basket.

Step 5 – Close The Lid


Close down the lid while carefully guiding the plant through the pre-cut hole.

Step 6 – Planter Ready

Secure the lid panel and your gabion planter should be ready.



What are gabion planters for?

They are sturdy metal baskets, which are filled with stones to create a landscaping feature for your garden.

What do you fill these planters with?

They can be filled with various materials, including rubble, stones, and hard-core, with a layer of decorative stone at the front. Filling materials should be over 75mm in diameter to make sure they stay in the cage.