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Chicken Wire Mesh

chicken-wire-meshCost effective, high quality chicken wire mesh. Constructed from galvanised steel for excellent protection outdoors.

Ideal for small animal enclosures, chicken coops, fruit cages, general garden & DIY applications.

Available in: Economy, Standard or Super grades. Learn more here.

Key info:

  • Hexagonal mesh in range of sizes
  • 18, 19, 20 & 22 wire gauge / thickness available
  • Rust & corrosion resistant
  • Delivered as a roll
  • Lightweight, easy to unravel 
  • Easy to cut & shape

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Product Information: Chicken Wire Mesh


TypeGalvanisation Method Properties
EconomyHot dip galvanised prior to further manufacturing and creation of final product. Immersed in molten zinc for a shorter length of time than other HDG methods.Thinner coat. Lower abrasion and corrosion resistance. Uniform brightness and smooth finish. Uncoated at cut sections.
StandardFully fabricated item is hot dip galvanised post manufacture.Thicker coating, higher strength, very high abrasion and corrosion resistance. Continual coating in all areas. Variable brightness.
SuperBest quality for professional use manufactured in Europe. Uses double galvanised method of pre-galvanised wires assembled and then hot dipped. Much thicker layer of zinc. Certified to British Standards.Thicker zinc coating resulting in increased abrasion & corrosion resistance – can withstand harsher conditions including application beneath soil. Longer lifespan.

Size & Applications

Mesh Size Wire Netting TypeCommon Uses 
13mm x 13mmEconomy & StandardFruit cages / Bird protection / Keeping out rodents
25mm x 25mmEconomy & StandardChicken runs / Fencing / Plastering / Floor screeding
31mm x 31mmEconomy / Standard / SuperRabbit protection
50mm x 50mmEconomy / Standard & SuperChicken coops / Poultry enclosures / General purpose / Fencing

Gauges Explained

The diameter or thickness of the wire is referred to as the gauge (g.). The lower the gauge the thicker the wire. We stock:

  • 18g. = 1.2mm diameter
  • 19g. = 1mm diameter
  • 20g. = 0.9mm diameter
  • 22g. = 0.7mm diameter



Attach to:With:
Wooden PostsCable ties, Staples
Metal PostsCable ties, Tying wire
Wire FenceCable ties, Tying wire
Raised BedsStaples
SoilU pins, Netting pegs


Material & ConstructionGalvanised steel, hexagonal fencing mesh. Hot dipped in protective zinc coating
AppearanceHexagonal apertures. Metallic grey, silver look
HandlingLightweight & malleable. Easy to cut & shape
Protecting exposed steelRust may occur where new cuts are made if untreated steel is exposed. Protect with galvanised spray or paint
Not suitable for…
  • Full protection from predators (use hardware cloth which is stronger with smaller holes)
  • Making an aviary for household birds (use aviary mesh instead) 


Can I use galvanised chicken mesh to protect my flowerbeds from digging animals and defecating cats?
Yes. We’d recommend the Super HDG option. Either attach it to posts and surround the flowerbed, or lie the netting flat on the soil and cover with dirt. Once detected by the animal it will likely stop digging.

How do I attach the mesh to my coop?

  • Unravel the netting and use a pair of pliers/cutters to create the desired length.
  • Wearing protective gloves, fold about an inch of the netting over at each end to avoid sharp edges that may harm your birds.
  • Use a staple gun to attach the netting to posts, or to the outside of your coop.



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