Wire Netting

High-grade wire netting available in pre-galvanised steel, hot-dipped or stainless steel.

A multi-purpose solution for domestic and commercial applications including farming, forestry and gardening. 

Key Info:

  • Rust proof & durable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Easy to unroll & install
  • Easily cut & shaped
  • Delivered in a roll

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Full product details

Wire Netting Product Information


Type Galvanisation Method Properties
ECONOMY Mesh is manufactured from pre-galvanised wires which have been immersed in molten zinc for shorter length of time. Thinner coat. Lower abrasion & corrosion resistance. Smooth finish. Uncoated at cut sections.
STANDARD Fully fabricated mesh is manufactured, then hot dip galvanised. Thicker coating, higher strength, very high abrasion and corrosion resistance. Continual coating in all areas.



Uses double galvanised method: pre-galvanised wires assembled, then hot dipped again in much thicker layer of zinc. Best quality for professional use. Increased abrasion & corrosion resistance to withstand harsh conditions incl. beneath soil. Long life.


Attach to: How to:
Wooden Posts


Metal Posts

(Cable ties)



Wire Fence

(Cable ties)


Should I choose galvanised or PVC coated netting?

The choice is entirely yours. Both are durable and highly resistant to corrosion so the choice comes down to aesthetics and your personal preference.

What is wire mesh used for?

There are a number of uses for steel netting, which include fencing, tree and plant protection. It is often used for chicken cages and runs for small animals.

What strength netting should I choose?

The strength, or diameter of your wire should be chosen based on your specific needs, of course. For plant protection a relatively low strength should be adequate to keeps  small animals off, while if you are building animal runs to keep out foxes a high strength wire is recommended.


Common uses

  • Animal enclosures
  • Fruit cages
  • Chicken wire / enclosure
  • Garden fences
  • Bird cages
  • Window guards
  • Storage bins
  • Construction reinforcement
  • Flood control