Metal Tree Guards

Hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant galvanised metal tree guards to protect your trees from dogs, deer, rabbits and other large animals.

UK manufactured to BS EN 10244-2:2009 & BS EN 10218-2:2012 standards


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Installation Instructions

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Site Preparation



Ensure that the location is free from
debris or obstructions.

Measure the diameter of the tree
trunk at its base to determine the
correct size of tree guard needed,
whether it’s the standard 1.2m
height or the taller 1.8m option for
increased protection against larger

Step 2 – Stake Installation



Position a wooden stake inside the
tree guard, ensuring it’s placed
outside the root ball and planting

Utilize a hammer to firmly drive the stakes into the ground, ensuring the stability of the tree guard. It’s recommended that approximately one-third of the stake be buried underground.

For most young feathered trees, one or two stakes are typically adequate.

However, taller, larger, or more vulnerable trees may require additional support, such as double
stakes with a crossbar and rubber
belting for added security.

Step 3 – Position the Tree Guard



Unroll and lay out the pre-formed
tree guard so it’s ready for
placement around the tree.

Carefully lift and position the tree
guard around the designated area
for protection, ensuring complete

Adjust the placement of the tree
guard as necessary to achieve even
and secure positioning.

Step 4 – Attach Tree Guard to the



After positioning all the stakes, use
staples to attach the tree guard
securely to the stakes, keeping it in

If wire stakes are used, employ cable ties or a piece of wire to attach the tree guard.

Step 5 – Attach Mesh Ends



The mesh ends can be connected
easily with cable ties.

Step 6 – Trim Excess Wire



Employ wire cutters to trim any
surplus wire from the tree guard or
stakes, ensuring to eliminate sharp

Step 7 – Inspect and Maintain



After installing the tree guard,
inspect it to confirm it’s securely in
position and offering sufficient
protection to the tree.

Adjust the guard’s positioning or
tightness as needed to ensure
proper fit and functionality.

Periodically inspect the tree guard to verify it remains secure and

Monitor the tree’s growth to ensure
it’s not being restricted by the guard,
and make adjustments or remove
the guard as required.