Metal Mesh Tree Guard Roll

High-quality rolls of European made galvanised steel mesh.  13mm x 13mm holes will protect against medium-sized animals such as rabbits.

Mesh rolls are an economical way to create tree guards.  You can also find pre-cut metal mesh tree guards if required. 

Key info

  • Easy to cut to size for any size tree
  • Long-lasting
  • Rot and weather resistant


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Installation Instructions

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Prepare the Site



Ensure that the location it’s clear
from any debris or obstructions.

Measure the diameter of the tree
trunk at the base to ensure you
select the appropriate-sized tree
guard roll (the standard 1.2m height
or the extra tall 1.8m for protection
against larger animals).

This will help you determine how much wire mesh you will need.

Step 2 – Mark the Roll



Unroll and lay out the tree guard roll along the perimeter where you’ll be installing it.

Measure and mark the desired
length using a measuring tape.

Step 3 – Cut the Mesh



Use wire cutters to cut the tree
guard roll into pieces as per your

Once the pieces are cut, unroll the
pieces for easy placement around
the designated area.

Step 4 – Install Stakes



Insert a wooden stake within the
tree guard, making sure it’s placed
outside the root ball and planting

Use a hammer to firmly drive the
stakes into the ground, ensuring
stability of the tree guard. Ideally,
one-third of the stake should be

For most young feathered trees, one
or two stakes are enough. However,
taller, larger, or more vulnerable
trees might need extra support like
double stakes with a cross bar and
rubber belting for security.

Step 5 – Position the Tree Guard



Carefully lift and position the tree
guard around the area you want to
protect, ensuring that it encloses the
space completely.

Adjust the position of the tree guard
as needed to ensure it’s positioned
evenly and securely.

Step 6 – Secure Tree Guard to the



Use staples to attach the tree guard
to the stakes, securing it in position.

In case of wire stakes, use cable ties
or a piece of wire to attach.

Step 7 – Join Mesh Ends



The mesh ends can be joined easily
with cable ties.

Step 8 – Trim Excess Wire



Use wire cutters to trim any excess
wire from the tree guard or stakes,
being careful to avoid leaving sharp

Step 9 – Inspect and Maintain



Once the tree guard is installed,
inspect it to ensure it’s securely in
place and providing adequate
protection to the tree.

Make any necessary adjustments to
the positioning or tightness of the
guard to ensure proper fit and

Regularly inspect the tree guard to
ensure it remains secure and

Monitor the growth of the tree to
ensure it’s not being constricted by
the guard, and adjust or remove the
guard as necessary.