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Wire Mesh FAQ

Please find below a list of regular questions asked by our customers.  You will find more specific product related questions on each category of this website.

Application Questions

The most common protection against foxes is a welded mesh of either 50mm x 50mm in 14 Standard Wire Gauge wire, or 25mm x 25mm in 16 Standard Wire Gauge wire.  In addition, the structure will require a roof as foxes are excellent climbers and should be securely pegged to the ground to prevent the fox pushing underneath.

Cat runs are best constructed from a fully-welded mesh with a hole size not larger than 25mm x 25mm and 16 SWG.

Mouse-resistant mesh should have an aperture size of no greater than 6mm x 6mm and can be either welded or woven stainless steel.

Insect-repellent mash should be rust-resistant stainless steel or black epoxy-coated aluminium with a mesh size of not greater than 2mmx2mm.

Frames made of wood or light metal are ideal for strengthening mesh. If used as a border, wood or metal can also endure a ‘safe’ edge. If a border is added to an area of mesh, further strengthening can be applied to the middle by using more wood or light metal materials as diagonal cross pieces.

Material Questions

Stronger than normal grades of steel, stainless steel has a much greater resistance to corrosion.

Stainless steel is steel – an alloy of iron with a small amount of carbon – but with the addition of both moderate amounts of nickel and chromium.

The most common type of weave is the plain weave or square mesh which is characterised by extremely exact mesh sizes. In this type of weave, weft wires are wound over and under the warp wires alternately in a constant pattern.

The three-dimensional shape of the raised mesh makes it stronger than flattened mesh.

Technical Questions

Mesh count refers to the number of opening in the wire per linear inch in the mesh.  This is counted from the centre of a piece of wire and includes the number of opening in the wirefor a measure of one inch.  This is usually a whole number. For example, a 4×4 mesh would contain four full openings in both directions for a measured inch.

The terms “warp” and “weft” refer to the directions of the wire.  Warp wires are longitudinal (upright) while weft wires are transverse (length) wires.

Square mesh is typically a welded-wire mesh with square apertures, as opposed to twisted-wire mesh which tends to be hexagonal in aperture shape.

End overhang refers to the extra wire that extends beyond the wire that has been fixed to a post or rail.

The open area of a wire mesh is defined as the total area of free space in the total area of wire.  For a certain area of wire, the percent open area is:

1 – (mesh count x wire diameter)2  x 100

ERW stands for Electric Resistance Welding and it is a fast and effective way of creating mesh from steel and stainless steel wire.

Experf is a hybrid mesh made from the expanded mesh and perforated manufacturing systems.  The final mesh is flat rather than raised in profile and is usually made in galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Mesh fabric is a woven metal mesh with extremely small apertures, which can be as small as 0.026mm with wire diameters of 0.025mm.

A lath is a thin strip of wood, usually used in building construction and mesh fencing to sandwich wire netting or mesh between the lath and a wooden frame.  Lathing is the act of applying lath to a fence construction.

Side overhangs are an extra width in the wire allows for other features on your fencing.  Side overhangs at the base can be pegged to the ground to prevent anything going underneath the wire, while a top overhang can be set at an appropriate angle – such as 45 degrees – and held in place with angled staves on the fitting posts to prevent predators climbing over the fence.

Animal Protection Questions

Ideally, a Guinea pig Hutch should be of an all-round wooden construction with  open, grazing areas covered with wire mesh with an aperture size of no greater than 13mm x 13mm and 22 standard wire gauge thickness.  The hutch should have a wooden base to prevent predators from tunneling underneath.

A chicken run should be constructed of wire netting firmly affixed to well-seated wooden posts, and of large enough area to allow for a wooden habitation and a scratching area for the fowl.  It should be tall enough to prevent a fox being able to jump over and have an angled-back top section that disallows the predator from climbing over. A small electric fence can be constructed around the outer periphery of the run for extra security.

Rabbit hutches should be of wooden construction and raised off the ground.  Any opening should be covered with fully-supported mesh with an aperture of 13mm x 13mm and 22 standard wire gauge thickness.

The best way to make your rabbit run fox proof is to use heavy-gauge wire with an aperture no larger than 13mm x 13mm and 22 standard wire gauge thickness.  The run should be pegged to the ground and be supported by wooden or steel internal members to prevent crushing.

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