Fundraising: A bunny with a long journey ahead!

Let’s help Mumbles the bunny fight his recurring condition and have a beautiful life together with his newly found love! Read on to find out how you can help! What do you need to know about Mumbles? He’s a really good boy and just recently found the love of his life, Mopsy. The bond between … Read more

How to Make Tomato Cages with Chicken Wire

Below you will find step by step instructions to create a homemade DIY tomato cage for your garden made from chicken wire. This type of cage will supply a simple and cheap support structure for your growing plants, and make it easy to pick off the growing fruit.   OVERVIEW Estimated Completion Time: 1-2 hours DIY … Read more

Ordering and paying for a chicken coop from Green Valley Poultry Supplies.

Below is an extract from our Terms and conditions relating to ordering chicken coops. Our aim is always to get your chicken coop to you as soon as possible but we have to work within the limits of our resources and each house is custom built for you,  the parts needed for your house may … Read more

Wells Poultry Ltd or Wells Poultry (Wales) ltd

Wells Poultry Ltd has no connection with Wells Poultry (Wales) ltd There has been some speculation that Wells Poultry Ltd was liquidated and the directors then formed Wells Poultry(Wales) Ltd.  This is not correct and there is no link between the two companies as you can see from the annual return for Wells Poultry Limited … Read more