How to Keep Dogs From Digging Under a Fence

Below you find a way to keep your dog from digging under a fence using wire mesh such as a welded mesh of chicken wire.


STEP 1) Identify the Area


  • Mark the areas of the fence where they are digging using stones or something similar that you have laying around the garden.
  • If it is not obvious where your dog is digging watch your dog the next time they go into your garden then mark the area.


STEP 2) Measure the Length of the Fence


  • Measure the length of the fence where your dog is digging with a tape measure.
  • The roll of mesh will need to be the same length or longer than the area the dog is digging
  • The height of the mesh should be 30cm or higher.
  • We suggest using PVC coated mesh as it will be kinder on your dog’s paws when digging


STEP 3) Dig a Trench


  • Use a spade to dig a trench approx 30cm (deep) x 30cm (wide) directly underneath your fence.
  • The trench should run along the full length of the fence where the dog is digging.


STEP 4) Place the Mesh into the Trench


  • Unroll the mesh along the trench
  • The bottom of the roll of mesh should be falling into the trench so it looks like an ‘L’ shape
  • The top of the roll of the mesh should be sticking out of the ground so that it can be attached to the fence


TIP: If you have a long stretch of the fence where your dog is digging you might want to cut the wire mesh into 2m length sections to make it easier to handle


STEP 5a) Attach to the Existing Wooden Fence



STEP 5b) Attach to the Existing Metal Fence


  • Use cable ties to attach the top of the mesh to metal fences
  • As you attach the mesh to your fence keep the mesh taught to remove sagging

STEP 6) Fill the Trench


  • Use a spade to fill in the trench with the earth that you dug out in step 1


That’s it, you’re done:)

You should now be able to stop your dog from digging under your existing fence. Whether you have a wooden fence or metal fence the instructions above will walk you through the process.


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