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Available in various sizes and colours, our range of metal gates are suitable for gardens, security fences and animal control.

  • Finish: Powder coated, galvanised
  • Colours: Green, dark green, silver, black
  • Height: 0.9 – 2.5 metres
  • Width: 1 – 4 metres


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Can I fit metal gates onto a wooden post?

Yes, as long as the posts are sturdy enough, you can attach gates to a wooden post. Start by measuring the post, marking the middle point. Hold a plum line against the post, ensuring the weight is just off the ground and the string passes over the middle point. Mark this line with a pencil. Hold the gate to the post, aligning the hinge brackets with the vertical line at the same point. Mark the positions of the screw holes and drill mounting holes, before attaching the gate.

What paint can I use for metal security gates?

The most important step to painting metal security gates is preparation, particularly with galvanised metals. Use an acrylic metal primer first, which will allow the paint to stick to the gates. You then need to apply an exterior or specific rust-inhibiting paint to the gates to ensure a quality finish.

Can you use metal gates in your garden?

Yes, they are suitable for garden gates, and are particularly useful for creating enclosures, particularly for vegetable patches and fruit trees.

Are these gates a fire risk?

Some councils in London have recommended that tenants remove metal gates as they may be a fire risk in large tower blocks that house many people. While these gates may be considered a fire risk in this case, they are safe in smaller commercial and residential settings.


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