Gabion Trellis Wall

Gabion trellis wall kits include all equipment and instructions required to build a decorative gabion wall.

Also available, 1m wall and 2m gabions wall kits

  • Easy to install, no DIY experience necessary
  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards

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BBA Certificate Number: 05/4215 held by Link Middle East Ltd

Gabion Kit Includes

Gabion Wall Overview

Installation Instructions

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Identify Location

Mark the location where you plan to construct your wall.

Step 2 – Dig

Dig 10cm or until the ground is firm.  Gabion walls lower than 1m are often placed directly on the ground but it will be more stable if placed on firm ground such as clay instead of the topsoil.

Step 3 Add Geotextile / Weed Block

Place a layer of geotextile or weed mat to prevent weeds from growing up and through your gabions.

Step 4 – Add Gravel

Add a 10cm layer of gravel or basecourse into your hole.

Step 5 – Compact Gravel


Walk and stomp on the gravel to make it compact.

Optional – Concrete Foundation

Most low-level gabion walls do not require a foundation but if you have a large amount of groundwater or the soil is weak, it may be needed. 

Step 6 – Unpack Kit

Unpack your gabion trellis kit. 

Step 7 – Unfold Baskets

Unfold the baskets and lift up their sides, front and back.  Leave the lids hanging backward.

Step 8 – Connect Outer Corners


Twist the helicals around the mesh holes to connect three corners of the gabion columns. 

A single helical will connect the column basket to the midsection basket like this.

Step 9 – Close Lid

Close the lid of the midsection but don’t secure it yet.

Step 10 Connect Trellis Panel

Holding the trellis panel in place, attach the final corners so the helical connects both the panel and the corners together.

Additional tying wire will be supplied in case you would like to strengthen this connection.

Step 11 – Fill with Stone

Start filling up your gabions with your desired type of stone.

Step 12 – Attach Lids

When the gabions are filled to the top with rocks, close the lids and attach them with helicals at the front.

Step 13 – Cut Helicals

Once the helicals are in place, cut the excess lengths with a hacksaw or bolt cutters. You can use these offcuts for the other sides of the lids if you wish.

Step 14 Rinse and Repeat 

If your wall is longer than a single unit (2x columns & 1x midsection), repeat the steps until you’re done with the whole structure.


Calculate Stone Quantity

  • Use the guide below to calculate the amount of stone that you need to fill your gabion wall
  • You can use stone separating panels to reduce the amount of decorative rocks required and save money


Gabion Wall Dimensions (cm) Bulk Bags of Granite Stone Required Bulk Bags of Limestone Required
142.5cm 22.5cm 97.5cm 1 1
262.5cm 22.5cm 97.5cm 1 1
382.5cm 22.5cm 97.5cm 2 2
502.5cm 22.5cm 97.5cm 2 2
622.5cm 22.5cm 97.5cm 2 2
157.5cm 30cm 97.5cm 1 1
285cm 30cm 97.5cm 2 2
412.5cm 30cm 97.5cm 2 2
540cm 30cm 97.5cm 3 3
667.5cm 30cm 97.5cm 3 3
187.5cm 45cm 97.5cm 2 2
330cm 45cm 97.5cm 3 3
472.5cm 45cm 97.5cm 3 4
615cm 45cm 97.5cm 4 4
757.5cm 45cm 97.5cm 5 5