Gabion Pillar Kits

Gabion pillars used for garden and landscaping projects, fence columns or as posts.

You can also make your own using the custom size gabion tool

  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standard

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BBA Certificate Number: 05/4215 held by Link Middle East Ltd

Pillar Kit Includes

Gabion Pillar Overview

Installation Instructions

If the columns are being installed in a public location or they are large and heavy, please consult an engineer to ensure your design is stable. Your engineer’s design and instructions should take priority over the instructions below.

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Identify location


Mark the location where you plan to construct your column.

Step 2 – Dig


Dig until the ground is firm.

Step 3 – Install Support Posts


Add a metal support pole which can be placed inside of the basket or supporting the outside if you prefer. The depth of the support post should be around 1/3 the height of the gabion column.

You can use wooden or metal poles such as a scaffolding post. If your pole is hollow, you will need to plug the gap at the top to prevent water from entering.

Step 5 – Add Basecourse


Add a layer of gravel or basecourse on top of the soil as follows:

  • 1m high column = 10cm gravel
  • 2m high column = 20cm gravel
  • 3m high column = 30cm gravel


This step is not required if you are going to add a concrete foundation.

Step 4 – Concrete Foundation (If Required)


Most low-level and/or wide columns do not usually require a foundation. If your column is 1m+ or narrow you may need a concrete foundation for added stability

The depth of the foundation should be around 1/3 the height of the pillar. You can set the support posts into the concrete foundation.

Step 6 – Compact


Compact the basecourse using a plate compactor or a spade.

Step 6 – Install baskets


Place the cages around the support posts.

Step 7Fill the gabions


Fill the columns and close the lids with helicals.

Step 8 – If you have 2 baskets to make up the height 


Use helicals on three sides to connect the second cage to the first one, then fill the top one too.


Calculate Stone Quantity

  • Use the guide below to calculate the amount of stone that you need to fill your gabion pillar


Column Dimensions (cm) Bulk Bags of Granite Stone Required

Bulk Bags of Limestone  Required

15cm 15cm 45cm 1 1
22.5cm 22.5cm 45cm 1 1
30cm 30cm 45cm 1 1
37.5cm 37.5cm 45cm 1 1
15cm 15cm 97.5cm 1 1
22.5cm 22.5cm 97.5cm 1 1
30cm 30cm 97.5cm 1 1
37.5cm 37.5cm 97.5cm 1 1
22.5cm 22.5cm 150cm 1 1
30cm 30cm 150cm 1 1
45cm 45cm 150cm 1 1
60cm 60cm 150cm 2 2
97.5cm 97.5cm 150cm 4 4
37.5cm 37.5cm 195cm 1 1
45cm 45cm 195cm 1 1
60cm 60cm 195cm 2 2
97.5cm 97.5cm 195cm 4 4