Freestanding Wall (Up to 1m)

Gabion wall kits include all equipment and instructions needed to create a gabion wall.  2m wall kits and garden trellis wall kits are also available.

  • Easy to install, no DIY experience necessary
  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards


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Gabion Kit Includes

Gabion Wall Overview

Installation Instructions

Please use the following information as guidance only. If you are unsure about how to install your retaining wall, please contact a Civil Engineer.


  • Freestanding Wall Instructions

  • Retaining Wall Instructions

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Identify location

Use spray paint, stones or other materials to mark the location where you plan to construct your wall

Step 2 – Dig

Dig 10cm or until the ground is firm.  Gabion walls lower than 1m are often placed directly on the ground but it will be more stable if placed on firm ground such as clay instead of the topsoil.

Step 3 – Geotextile

Place a layer of geotextile or weed mat on the soil to prevent weeds from growing up and through your gabions

Step 4 – Add Basecourse

Add a 10cm layer of gravel or basecourse on top of the geotextile

Step 5 – Compact Gravel


Walk and stomp on the gravel to make it compact

Step 6 – Assemble and Fill


Assemble and fill the baskets (download instructions following the links)
Optional – Concrete Foundation

Most low-level gabion walls do not require a foundation but if you have a large amount of groundwater or the soil is weak, it may be needed.

Calculate Stone Quantity

  • Use the guide below to calculate the amount of stone that you need to fill your gabion wall
  • You can use stone separating panels to reduce the amount of decorative rocks required and save money


Gabion Wall Dimensions (cm) Bulk Bags of Stone Required Bulk Bags of Stone Required if using Partitions
97.5cm  22.5cm  45cm  1
195cm  22.5cm  45cm  1
292.5cm 22.5cm  45cm  1
390cm 22.5cm  45cm  1
487.5cm 22.5cm  45cm  1
97.5cm  45cm  45cm  1 1
195cm  45cm  45cm  1 1
292.5cm 45cm  45cm  2 1
390cm 45cm  45cm  2 1
487.5cm 45cm  45cm  3 2
97.5cm  97.5cm  45cm  1 1
195cm  97.5cm 45cm  2 1
292.5cm 97.5cm 45cm  3 2
390cm 97.5cm 45cm  4 2
487.5cm 97.5cm 45cm  5 3
97.5cm  22.5cm  97.5cm 1
195cm  22.5cm  97.5cm 1
292.5cm 22.5cm  97.5cm 2
390cm 22.5cm  97.5cm 2
487.5cm 22.5cm  97.5cm 3
97.5cm  45cm  97.5cm 1 1
195cm  45cm  97.5cm 2 1
292.5cm 45cm  97.5cm 3 2
390cm 45cm  97.5cm 4 2
487.5cm 45cm  97.5cm 5 3
97.5cm  97.5cm  97.5cm 2 1
195cm  97.5cm 97.5cm 4 2
292.5cm 97.5cm 97.5cm 6 3
390cm 97.5cm 97.5cm 8 4
487.5cm 97.5cm 97.5cm 10 5