Pig Stock Fence

Traditional livestock fencing offers the most economical option to create a pig-proof fence or pen.  

For easier installation see pig panels or pig wire mesh

  • Manufactured in the UK, to BS EN standards.
  • Most economical pig fencing


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Product Information: Pig Stock Fencing

Understanding Mesh Configuration

High Tensile

  • Up to 3 times stronger than mild steel (approx. 1050-1250 N/mm)
  • Can be strained tighter than mild steel
  • Will not stretch due to weathering 
  • Will not need retightening every year – less maintenance
  • Requires half the number of posts for installation
  • Knotted hinged joint
  • Heavily galvanised to BSEN10244 standards

Mild Steel

  • Tensile strength range: 600-800 N/mm
  • Greater flexibility than high tensile fencing 
  • Doesn’t need to be as tightly strained 
  • Good choice if you need a lot of turns or curves in your fencing 
  • Best suited for fencing that is supported by hedges
  • Knotted hinged joint
  • Galvanised to BSEN10244 standards

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