Wells Poultry Ltd or Wells Poultry (Wales) ltd

Wells Poultry Ltd has no connection with Wells Poultry (Wales) ltd

There has been some speculation that Wells Poultry Ltd was liquidated and the directors then formed Wells Poultry(Wales) Ltd.  This is not correct and there is no link between the two companies as you can see from the annual return for Wells Poultry Limited below

Wells Poultry Ltd has no connection with Wells Poultry (Wales) ltd

Beyond these documents, which are available from Companies House, we have no knowledge of  Wells Poultry Ltd.

This means the information and commentary found on Moneysaving forum, The Poultry Pages on facebook and some other discussion groups is largely based on mis-informed opinions rather than the facts although it is correct that both companies have been liquidated.

The link was made by Danny Hardwick who runs “The Poultry Pages” on Facebook.  Whether his comments were malicious or just based on incorrect assumptions it is difficult to say although he has been informed of the error but wasn’t seen fit to amend it.  Danny Hardwick was (and still is) an affiliate – he was paid commission on sales he generated from his page.  Unfortunately, he had spent considerable time telling people on Facebook that he was in partnership with Wells Poultry (Wales) ltd by posting spammy adverts on any group he could.  The affiliate agreement specifically states that there is no partnership between the company and the affiliates beyond a normal trading agreement to displaying of adverts in exchange for payment.  When Wells Poultry (Wales) Ltd ceased trading people that wanted to contact the company naturally sort out the person who was in partnership with them.  Danny Hardwick had in fact only managed to generate 4 sales, all of which were delivered and due  commission paid although he still feels aggrieved that Wells Poultry (Wales) Ltd customers saw him as a contact.

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