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Ultimate Red Mite Spray Treatment

Aren’t red mite a pain?

Here’s our 1 mix solution to deal with red mite quickly and easily that can be used in a garden spray or simply painted on the inside of the chicken coop with a brush.

This mixture will make a little over 5 litres

Find a bucket – somewhere around 10 litres / 2 gallons.

Fill with 5 litres of water

Add 150ml of Smite Mite Control Liquid (1x30ml pump of the standard dispenser for each liquid of water)

Now give it a stir and slowly add 500g of Smite Diatomaceous Earth Powder.  Keep stirring until there are no clumps of diatom in the mixture.  It should now be a brown/grey liquid.

Now it’s ready to use.  Either paint it on with a brush or use a garden pressure spray.

The Smite will have an instant effect on the red mites it touches, washing away their outer coating so that they dyhydrate.  As you’re using, it gently agitate the mixture to keep the diatom in suspension.  As the water evaporates it will leave behind a fine film of diatom powder ready to catch out any red mites that dare to cross it.

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