Green PVC Coated Wire Netting

Galvanised wire core coated with PVC for extra corrosion protection. Versatile and economical solution for gardening, light fencing, animal enclosures.

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Installation Instructions


  • With T Posts

  • With Extra Security

To Do Explanation

Step 1 – Mark Area

T post step 1 - mark area


Create a straight line to serve as the fence between the two posts situated at either end.

Step 2 – Measure Post Distance

T post step 2 - welded wire


Utilize a tape measure to accurately designate the placements of the posts, maintaining a distance of 2 to 3 meters between them.


Enhance stability by minimizing the gap between your fence posts.

Step 3 – Install End Posts

T post step 3 - end posts


Utilize a post driver or mallet to firmly embed the end posts 50cm into the ground.


Make certain that the holes of the posts face each other to ensure consistent alignment.

Step 4 – Check for Same Height

T post step 4 - same height


Fasten a length of string between the end posts, then confirm their equal height by using a tape measure.

Step 5 – Check for Straightness

T post step 5 - straightness


Employ a spirit level to verify that the posts are installed perfectly straight.

Step 6 – Set in Concrete (Optional)

T post step 6 - concrete


For increased durability and security of the fence, position your posts in concrete by digging a 50cm hole and pouring cement for the post to settle into.

Step 7 – Install Middle Posts

T post step 7 - middle posts


To install middle posts, repeat steps 3 through 5.


Ensure that the posts are aligned in the same direction and are installed both straight and at equal heights.


You can reinforce the middle posts with concrete for extra strength if desired.

Step 8 – Install Tension Wire (Optional)

T post step 8 - tensioning wire


When dealing with lightweight mesh, contemplate attaching a tension wire between the end posts to forestall any potential sagging.


Encircle the tension wire around the hole of the end posts and fasten it by twisting the wire end with pliers.

Step 9 – Attach Mesh to End Post



Secure the mesh to the end post by fastening cable ties, threading them through the pre-drilled holes in the post.


To reinforce the attachment, consider adding extra cable ties around the entire post.

Step 10 – Pull Tight



Pull the mesh tightly and then secure it to the second post using cable ties, ensuring not to pull excessively tight.


Repeat this process until you reach the end post.

Step 11 – Attach to Tension Wire (Optional)



If you have installed a tension wire, utilize cable ties to fasten the mesh to it, spacing them approximately 30-45 cm apart.