Review of Green Valley Poultry Supplies Large Chicken Coop and Run

Review of our Large Chicken Coop and Run, 3 years on.

I wanted to give you an update on the Poultry house/run we purchased from you in the Spring of 2011.

Ours is the 9 x 15’ enclosure together with two outside nest boxes. The ground is covered in a mix of soil and woodchips so even in the colder months our hens can enjoy dust baths as the wonderful Onduline roofing keeps everything dry.

Inside one of our large chicken coop and runs

We made a couple of additions, a water butt at the back and guttering around the roof line so we can supply fresh water during the summer months without having to re-fill the drinker daily and installed some perches in the run.

Guttering and a water butt added to provide drinker water

The structure is very solid and has not buckled even during the most severe gales or during heavy snow falls which are not rare in our part of the country. We gave the house a good clean after the second winter last year but all that was required was a quick hose down with a pressure washer and it looked like new again.

9×15′ chicken house and run with 6″ base plinth and external nest boxes

The timber has not discoloured or lost its strength over the last 3 years. We are very happy in the knowledge that during the day when we are out our girls are safe.

We are absolutely delighted with it and would be more than happy to buy another house in the future if the need arises for a second setup.

inside the chicken run

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