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Tree Guards & Shelters

tree-protectors-tree-guardsBrown spiral tree protectors which grow with your plants and protect them from browsing animals. Polyethylene material which is resistant to undesirable weather and UV rays, perfect for outdoor use.

Key info:

  • Spiral shape to expand with your tree, preventing strangulation and maximising growth
  • Deters browsing animals, ideal for young plants
  • Polyethylene material, resistant to elements, long-lasting and re-usable
  • Delivered in packs of 250 to meet a variety of needs
  • Brown colouring, blending nicely with your tree


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Are there any advantages to using spiral shaped guards?
Yes. Spiral shaped guards are the most extensively used as they are able to expand with the tree as it grows. This has a number of advantages such as; preventing strangulation, maximising growth and not needing to be replaced.

Would I be able to cut the product if I needed to resize it?
Yes. The material is plastic and as a result be easy to cut. Though you might be able to trim the guard with a decent pair of scissors you will find it much easier with a pair of pliers or wire cutters.

Can I strim around the guard without damaging it?
No. If you were careful to avoid the guard you would be fine, but as it is made of flexible plastic, a strimmer would cause damage to the guard potentially rendering it useless. If you were to consistently strim around the area of the tree, we could recommend using a metal guard, although there are disadvantages to using these, such as their inflexible nature.

Common uses 

  • Protecting trees from animals
  • Maximising tree growth


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