October Chicken Houses and runs

Recent chicken house installations

First we have a 9×15′ chicken run built around an omlet cube.  This one has the 12″ base plinth and an anti-dig mesh skirt to keep the foxes out.

9×15′ walk in chicken run around an omlet cube

Our next job was 2 houses.  The 9×21′ house is for chickens.  The smaller 6×9′ house is for rabbits.  Both houses have a 6″ base plinth and anti dig mesh.

9×21′ chicken house and 6×9 rabbit house

This is another 9×15′ run for use with an Omlet Cube although this time the Cube is being placed on the outside and connected via a high level pophole in the run.

Walk in run for use with an omlet cube

This is the pophole that allows the Omlet cube to join to our run.  The omlet cube is normally heavy enough not to move around but to be sure you can always use a bungee strap to attach it to the run.

High level pophole matches with the door on an Omlet Cube Chicken house

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