New poultry keeping Products For Easter 2015

New poultry keeping products.

First off we’ve added a plastic feed storage bin.  This holds 30 litres which works out to a little larger than 20kg of poultry layers pellets.  It’s just as good at storing feed for other animals but for less dense feeds such as dog biscuits to won’t hold quite as much.

30 litre (20kg of .layers pellets) plastic feed storage bin

Next we’ve expanded our range of pressure sprayers for use with Poultry Shield, Smite and Bi-oo-cyst to include 3 and 8 litre versions of our existing sprayer.  We’ve also added 2 back pack type pressure sprays

12 litre Knapsack Pressure sprayer

There is also a solar powered shed light to light the chicken coop on dark nights

For thin shelled eggs we have 3 new calcium supplements.  2 sizes are intended for the back garden poultry keeper with a large, more concentrated version suitable for farm use.

And finally, 3 vitamin supplements to add to you poultry keeping supplies. 100ml and 500ml Poultry Tonic and a 500ml Prebiotic Multivitamin.

Add Poultry Tonic to your poultry keeping supplies

Shell Aid calcium supplement

For Solar Powered Shed Light – up to 6 hours light when fully charged

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